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Dripping / leaking urine and penis pain
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Dripping / leaking urine and penis pain

28 year old uncircumcised male.  Masturbated 3-4 weeks ago and had pain near tip of penis around the time I ejaculated.  Nothing unusual about the masturbation, unless maybe slightly too rough?

Since then I've had leaking after urination.  Can continue quite a while afterward, at random moments or when I shift my body.  Significant amount -- plenty enough to bother me, and every drop is basically 100% more leaking than before this.

Sometimes have discomfort after urination, less frequently at the start.  Burning sensation or pinched feeling near the tip of penis.  Pain is hit or miss and seems more likely if I make more of an effort to push all of the urine out.

Also had some aching in penis and left testicle + other vague pains, but possibly caused by anxiety from worrying about the area a lot.

No frequent urge to urinate.  No unusual smell or appearance to urine.  No blood related to urination, ejaculation, or anything.  No discharge other than leaking urine.

I've had erections and ejaculated since this started.  Urine stream seems normal.

No history of urinary / prostate / erectile problems or STDs.  Not on any medication.  Have only had sex with girlfriend past 2 years and used condoms for intercourse (but not oral) for almost the past year.

If this hadn't started with pain while masturbating I would think that maybe it is something like a UTI or prostatitis, but I'm worried that it's something like urethral stricture or other injury.

What are likely possible causes of the leaking urine and pain?  What can likely be ruled out?

What kind of injury to the penis, and how serious, can be caused from masturbating (nothing bizarre), perhaps a little too roughly?  Possible to cause a stricture or tear of the urethra from masturbation?

How likely to clear up on it's own (hasn't after 3-4 weeks)?  Do I need to see a doctor?  Right away or wait 2 weeks w/ no sex?  Go straight to a urologist or see a GP first?

Any guess about prospect for complete recovery?
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I would indeed first rule out infections like STDs and HIV.  A urethral swab or urine tests can be done as an initial screen.

If prostatitis is of concern, a prostate massage and transrectal ultrasound can be considered to rule out an abscess.

If infections have been ruled out, you can consider anatomical causes - such as a urethral polyp or stricture.  These options can be evaluated via a cystoscopy.

I would discuss the symptoms with your personal urologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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ok so I can post comments... though I can't pay, i'm poor. i have no other means of help at 4 in the morning

help me

as for the poster above me, i didn't read it, sorry.

for me

about... 6 or 7 weeks ago, I developed a swollen lymph node, and to touch it was slightly sore, and so i got a doctors appointment about 5 days after it didnt go away... she told me that it was indeed a swollen node and that i probably had some infection... or a cut, or something on my leg, and made a reappointment with her in 2 weeks.

2 weeks past and during those two weeks it hurt so bad, worse than before, and then... a few nights before the doctor's appointment came up, the pain was going away like she said :)

so the night before the appointment i started pushing away... pushing everywhere... man i'm dumb. anyway... yeah. it hurt just a little bit the next day at the appointment, she said i was going to be ok, and she also took a look at my penis because i had developed a blocked pore she said there, and had a small infection... so. that was all good...

THEN... maybe 2 weeks ago, my scrotum got this red rash on the right side (THE SAME SIDE WITH THE NODES THAT WERE BIG) and it freaked me out... i think i must have cancer or something because wtf.

or maybe an infection....

what do i do other than make an appointment with her?

also another lymph node came out... and it didn't hurt as much as it was warm and it was REALLY RED

help me... i'm 17 by the way doctor... i know you like money for your answer but i just don't know how to pay via the internet.... help me plz
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I had a problem like yours of dripping urine,it also happened after mastubation but our differ is i lost sexual interests as well i cannot feel my penis and my erection last for a  long period,sometimes i erect without even thinkin about sex,bt i think this is  due to the penis vessels and neves
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driping of blood
sever pain
wht to di?
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