Ejaculating but feeling no orgasm
by haryguy, Mar 14, 2007
Hello, I am a perfectly healthy and fine 16 year old boy. I have never had sex so the chances of this being an STD are ruled out. I'm not sure why this happens but I can feel all of the pleasure of masturbation up until ejaculation where feeling stops and I don't feel an orgasm at all but I still ejaculate. This has been happening every single time I've masturbated for about the past two or three months. I have no clue what's happening, what is wrong with me? Any ideas?
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by haryguy, Mar 14, 2007
haha okay thanks for the advice I am stopping for two weeks now. This will be tough.
by max2u, Oct 08, 2007
hey, this caught my eye because I have somewhat the same problem. I ejaculate but have no orgasam. My penis is erect,I have vaginal sex,I ejaculate,but no good feeling!! Anybody have an answer as to what might be the problem ???
by Dmxdex2020, Sep 17, 2008
Are you tense on any drugs?

Anxiety can not help as well as antidepressants if you are 16 and not on any drugs i would put it down to nerves.
by shuttle, Oct 10, 2008
I have this also, its called ejaculatory anhedia or anorgasmic ejaculation, for now we just have to live with it, there's no known cure. AS it is most doctors dont even know it exists, we need backup!!!
by Dr_Smita_S, Oct 11, 2008

Ejaculation without orgasm is known as anorgasmic ejaculation. The exact cause is not usually known but stress, anxiety or certain medications such as antidepressants are associated with it.

If the problem persists, then you should consult a sex therapist or a urologist for an examination.


by jason00, Jan 11, 2010
surgery now have no feeling on my ****
by tukeree, Mar 26, 2010
does this mean i can never have a orgasm
by fizzwizzGhandi, Jun 06, 2010
i get this from time to time. ultimately i know the cause in my case.

it is about the mind and allowing myself to feel pleasure.

i just watched a porno that was awkward as hell and amateur in the no-skills-in-bed manner. i was so determined to come that even though i had been inconsistently turned on & mostly bored the entire time, i made myself finish.

think of an orgasm like a magic staircase at the end of an orgasm... where thoughts stop and you effortlessly glide to the top and fall off.

what i did was climb the first few steps of the magic staircase, thought meh **** it, walked back down and just let out some fluid. no pleasure at all. i just went through the motions and didn't get in the zone.

tip: don't overthink what you are actually doing, really use your imagination and lose yourself in a blur of lust. your impulses will go haywire and you'll orgasm i promise.