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Enlarged Prostate Questions

I’m 52.

Note: 5 months ago I had unprotected oral from a female likely sex worker. Both docs on the STD forum say I have no STDs, due to Chlamydia not transferring orally, and 12 days of Kerflex that would have stopped any G and S. I had no symptoms.  No sex with wife for a month after either. The threads are here:


About 6 weeks ago I started to get what I know now are enlarged prostrate feelings, the usual urination problems. No burning though. Never any discharge.  This heightened my already high-anxiety/guilt of encounter as I didn’t recognize what they were then, making matters, I’m sure.

3-4 weeks ago had day long gallbladder problem, likely gallstone. Excruciating. For about 5  days after, my groin area felt delicate when I moved. A doctor friend said it was likely localized peritonitis, which would go away shorlty and did. I did have blood/urine tests, and scan. All  fine.

A week later I was feeling perfect. Then, my doctor gave me a rectal exam (aggressive!). She said my prostate was enlarged but smooth, and PSI only .55. (last exam was 2  years ago with signs of possible enlarging prostate). But after that exam, I began getting the urination problems again, but worse. More delicate. No burning though.

Last week after a bad frew urination night (a wine night)  I stopped alcohol, coffee, tea, ate better and started all the recommended remedies. I felt better each day and today I have no urination problems, but a light delicate feel in my urethra still. Nerves?

My question is, could the aggressive rectal exam have inflamed my prostate, starting the discomfort following it? Could the gallbladder incident have triggered anything (it was very traumatic)? Could it just that all these plus my extremely high anxiety, plus heavy drinking, these last few months?  Or is it all a coincidence and this is how enlarged prostate problems begin?  Can I expect more? Off and on?  Info please.
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I agree that prostatitis should be looked at.  I am not sure that an aggressive prostate exam would have led to the burning.  However, a prostatic massage should be done so any fluid that can be expressed be sent for culture and analysis.

I would also consider an ultrasound of the prostate to evaluate for any abscesses.

If infection has been completely ruled out, a cystoscopy can evaluate the lower GU tract for a urethral stricture or polyp.

I am not aware of gallbladder disease leading to your symptoms.

Certainly anxiety may amplify or exacerbate the symptoms if the tests continue to be non-revealing.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patients education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
I forgot to mention I have Herpes. The high anxiety causes it to flare up, and sometimes can cause some strange feelings on it's own.  I'm wondering if this could have made all this worse. High anxiety, guilt, discovering an enlarged prostate, gallbadder problem, herpes...

In the last week since I've been feeling better, I've been taking a Valtrex daily.
Sorry, a further clarification of my questions.  If I feel great completely fine tomorrow and stay that way, is there a need to see a urologist before a time when I might experience the problems again?  I'm asking because I think all the stresses played a big role and I'm feeling better about it all now, so maybe it's not a repeatable event.
Thanks Doc.

I actually did not have burning, perhaps you misread that.  

I went to my primary care doc today and he did a urine test and saw no blood, puss or infection.  He gave me a week of Cipro, just in case there was a slight infection he didn't pick up, and to call him in  a week if symptoms persist.  I'm guessing he also did it for my mental state.  He could see that I have overresearched all this (I even brought a page of notes I wrote up, not hat I think of it, a bit obsessive), and all my anxiety and stress I was having was likely causing me to have to urinate more often, etc.  I do do this kind of thing to myself sometimes -- overthink things, over research things, and get high anxiety.

High Anxiety about this area of my body can lead someone like me to actually produce some of the symptoms I bet, right? Just like I can't pee when I'm standing next to someone else peeing with no problem--all mental.
I would be interested in advice about 'recommended remedies' (re abstinence coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.) including taking Saw Palmeto as a palliative re enlarged prostate.  Are there studies which indicate quoted beverages and other dietary substances definitely encourage or discourage benign prostate conditions to become or not become cancerous?

At 53 I am living with an enlarged prostate with last PSA count of 5.4 lowered from tests taken earlier.  Even so; I continue to enjoy quoted bevs. regularly especially wine every evening.
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