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Frequent Urination and Bladder Never Feels Empty
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Frequent Urination and Bladder Never Feels Empty

I am male, 23, from England and not sexually active.

About a week and a half ago, I noticed after peeing, I had the feeling that I still had more to let out, despite not drinking any fluids. My bladder now never feels completely empty and I have the feeling to urinate much more than often. I could go for a pee, leave the bathroom, and then return 30 seconds later but only a few drops would come out. There is no pain when I urinate nor any blood and I don't experience pain anywhere. Urinating sometimes start off with a weak, thin stream which gets thicker and stronger as I urinate. When drinking fluids, my urine stream is always thick and strong.

I decided to see a doctor and brought a sample of my morning urine. The doctor inserted a white strip into the sample and reported that nothing appears to be wrong but my urine sample would be sent off to the lab for further tests. I was giving 200mg of Trimethoprim just in case it was an infection and was told to take 2 a day for 3 days. I also bought 2 litres of pure Cranberry Juice but my problem was still present.

I revisited the doctor today and the results from my urine test was negative (there is nothing wrong) but I don't feel any better, my bladder never feels empty. The doctor has scheduled an appointment at the hospital for me. I have to have an ultrasound with a full bladder, go to the toilet and then have a 2nd ultasound to see if my bladder really is empty.

I would like to ask for advice if possible. Could this still be an infection? even though nothing unusual was found in my urine sample? If so, I believe I know what caused this. I went swimming at a friends place and remained in my swimwear for several hours. I got changed but about 6 hours later, put back on the swimwear (now damp). I slept over and went swimming again but in the same swimsuit as the previous day. I know now that this is very unhygienic so could this be the cause?

Would the following be discovered in a urine test?

- Staph (Staphylococcus)
- Strep (Streptococcus B)
- Yeast
- e-coli

If the above would not show up in a urine test, then is it possible I still have an infection? I would like to try Saturated Solution of Potassium Iodide (SSKI) drops but do not know where to buy this from. I hear SSKI can elimate almost all infections in the body so it's likely to help if I have an infection right?

What else could cause this? Enlarged Prostate? Diabetes? I am young and not sexually active so this goes in my favour. I would appreciate any help.

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Can no one help?
It is possible to have an infection that does not show up on standard test...
most of the time though it is either a chronic low level bacteria or a difficult to culture
STD.  By the way cranberry does help infections but if your bladder is irritated it will also make it worse because it is so acidic.  D-Mannnose is a natural alternative it has the sugars that keep bacteria from attaching without the acidity.

There are many others things that can cause these symptoms prostrate issues etc.
It could also be interstitial cystitis.  A good urologist can help diagnosis the problems.If you are seeing a urologist already ask them if they treat IC..  What ever the cause your having bladder symptoms..  There are self help things etc. can help you while you see a diagnosis!

  We have an IC support forum here on this site actually two, listed below.  .  I am also an IC support group leader and director of MOARK IC.  If you need more info or some links feel free to pm me.

You might want to consider a referral to a pelvic pain PT.  They are often able to rule out and pelvic issues, muscular etc. that doctor's are not trained to look for.


The expert forum where you can actually ask the doctor here on Medhelp is here also:

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your post. Well it's not a STD that I know. I ordered these:


but they are yet to arrive yet. If this is an infection, would this likely kill it? I saw a general doctor, not urologist (didn't know what one of them was until recently). I will see what this supplement does and also what the ultrasound shows whenever they get back to me on when I have to attend.

It may be nterstitial cystitis but I experience no pain or discomfort around the anus, pelvic bones or kidney. Cannot rule this out though. Do you think the swimming incident above is the cause?

Would you recommend I ask the doctor here? is it free? what could he/she say that you haven't already?

i have exacally the same problem, couldnt put it better myself. It is really annoying because i am now scared of long car journeys because i will need a wee and cant. Also mine is a slight pain in the bladder and an odd sensation in my penis, like a tingling.

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