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Frequent Urination
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Frequent Urination

I am a 25 year old female and for the past year or so now I have been getting sudden and frequent urges to urinate.  I urinate at least once an hour and most of the time I feel like I have to go again about 15-20 minutes later.  It seems to be worse when I'm laying down.  I have never experienced incontinence and do not have a urinary tract infection.  I went to a urologist a little while ago and they told me I was emptying my bladder all of the way but unfortunately that was the only test I really had done since I lost my health insurance.  A few months later was diagnosed with a hypoactive thyroid and was put on synthroid but other than that I really have no other health issues.  While meeting with the doctor about the thyroid, I asked him about the frequency and told him that I thought I had an overactive bladder.  He prescribed me 5 mg of oxybutynin 3 times daily and then increased my dose to 10 mg 3 times a day after 2 months but it didn't make any difference.  I do not drink caffeine and sometimes go all day without drinking anything but I still have to go all of the time.  I literally have tried to dehydrate myself just to find some relief but I was still going every 45 minutes.  It's really affecting so many aspects of my life and I feel like a prisoner since I have to plan everything I do around my frequent trips to the bathroom.  Please help me!!  Is there anything that will make this stop?!  
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Hi, I completely understand what you are saying!  I am older and have gone to dr after dr as my frequency got worse and worse. Then to top it off I started loosing control.  Long story short, I have overactive nerve signals from my brain to my bladder.  This was determined by a test called a Cystometrogram and it was not fun but it did give me an answer as to why the previous bladder sling surgery and alll the medicines I had been taking had not helped.  My solution (please note this is after many tests and finding a wonderful Dr) has been the implant of a nerve stimulator that blocks the overactive nerve signals. It is called an Interstim device. After the surgery I was able to go 4 hours during the day and sleep all night!!  No more 15 times a day to the bathroom.  Unfortunately 6 wks after surgery I was rear ended and have to have the lead surgically replaced tomorrow but it is so worth it.  I know you say you have no insurance so this is not an option, I guess, for you right now but there is hope!!!!
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I'm so glad for you that this surgery was successful, please continue to keep us posted on you're continued results
I also suffer from a very overactive bladder, they tell me this is a result of my DDD.
the bladder lift I had 7 yrs ago is no longer working, it would be so nice to go out in public without having to worry abt where the public washrooms are.
have many accidents at home, but so far NOT in public but it worries me constantly..
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IS frequency your only symptom?  

Do you have any pain, burning or pressure?

Do you have to get up at night to urinate?  If so how often?

Do you have pain after intercourse?xternally but that also gives electical currents to change the nerve pathways. This is more elaborate then a TENS , the one used most frequently
is called the EMPII, it is portable and fits under your clothes!  I have one that does 1 million frequencies called the Wellness Pro.  and it helps me a lot with pain as well!
If you want links to these let me know!

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hi I 'm not sure who you were addressing you're post to?
frequency and urgency are my only problems
I get up usually twice during an 8 hour night sometimes can be 3-4x
No burning or pain,, some pressure yes.
I would like the like to the EMPI you mentioned....are you happy with it?
how long have you had it?
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I am having the exact same problem. I had a yeast infection, which is normal.. I was taking antibiotics at the time and the doctor said that can cause them. So I used monistat and it cleared up. I then had sex, and now I feel like I have to pee ALL the time. Even when there is nothing to let out. I knew it wasn't a UTI because I've had several in the past but the doctor insisted on taking the test. It was negative. I also have a bit of discharge but a normal amount I've always had. So he assumes it's a yeast infection again. He gave me a pill for it because I told him I really didn't like using the monistat. I still have to pee. I knew it wasn't a yeast infection and everytime I go to the doctor, I'm just told it's something (that it isn't) and sent on my way. I'm reallly sick of it!
I don't know what to do, I barely get any sleep, I lie there thinking I have to pee the whole time. And there is pressure as well.

What should I do? How do I get a doctor to consider this as something more? Does this also sound like a Chronic Cystits? and are there any home remedies I can do until I have something to help me?
Please help!!
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I am a 44 year old woman with low vit D levels and the following symptoms:
-I feel the urge to urinate whenever I lay down to go to bed.
-I may go twice or ten times.
-I have normal urination during the day.
-I can lay down for a nap during the day without said symptoms.
-I do not have decreased "flow" during that day.
-The amount I urinate at night is a very small amount each time I go.
-I do not wake up to go after I fall asleep.
I am so frustrated that I cannot just lie down and go to sleep without the 10 time urination ritual.
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