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Growth on Scrotum
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Growth on Scrotum

Recently, Ive noticed a round pencil eraser type growth about .25 in long on my scrotum..rt side 2 inched to the rt of penis..

Its hard to the touch and the tip pearly white.. Several times, I thought Id numb up the area w a Lidoderm patch and remove it w a kraft knife, then peroxide, neosporin n band aide..thus saving oh 1,000..in 2 min laser off fee

I am however scheduled to see urologist PA this Fr for ED consult as Ive begun to use penile pump to regain musculature..

perhaps he ought to address this or the MD he works for

What IS this thing..its vrept up on me and resembles the one my wife had removed from behind her neck

its as hard as a rock

thanks for any ideas
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The growth can be a tumorous growth and thus a biopsy of the same will be the best modality to rule it out. The other possibility is a cyst. It’s extremely difficult to diagnose without a physical examination and will thus suggest you discuss the same with your urologist. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Hello and thank you for the reply..I googled sebaceous cysts and mine resembles an infected one, although no pain or adjacent pain presents.. I am tempted to remove this vary carefully vis a vis the procedure enumerated on the google explanation of the technique, Ive removed small subcutaneous splinters before w small craft knife incisions w streile pre and post procedures before but given the critical area this one in, I may leave it to the urologist.. In a prior visit to him, his bedside manner was somewhat arrogant..I was there for ED..Im 61 and he told me that Id just have to "accept" diminished erectile capacity and was smug and handed me off to his PA..the ED specialist.. Since then after vacum treatment..my erectile capacity has returned to about 80% of what its always been..

Perhaps I shouldnt link one issue w another, but Id like him to perform this procedure if its to be..with far less attitude..

Ill not forget the look on his face as if to say, " hey old timer why is it important to you to get laid..youve had youre "day"...

My wife , also a doctorl and very very interested in intimacy on into old age-shes 54..wouldve been really annoyed with his attitude toward me her partner for the past 22 yrs...

so I guess Im stuck, unless I request another MD in the practice..Im rural so this trip to the city better pay off

again sir,I thank you for opening the informational "door" on this cyst
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