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Help, confused. Possible prostatitis?
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Help, confused. Possible prostatitis?

Hello. I would be grateful of your advice. 27th Dec I had a sexual encounter with a female. Protected vaginal only for a minute or so and unprotected oral both ways. A day or so later I felt my penis was moist and slight clear discharge inside the urethra. Went to sexual health clinic and confirmed I had White cells and nsu. I was given azithromycin to take which I did. Swabs were taken prior to treatment and all stds came back as negative. I was still getting symptoms so went back to clinic. Dr took swab and examined and said no sign of infection and all clear of STD's and trich etc. Female I had encounter with also got checked and was negative for all STD. I was still getting symptoms so went back to clinic a 3rd time and was checked by another Dr. He swabbed and said no sign of infection. So that has ruled out STD. I left it for a week or so but was still feeling my urethra had  liquid in it and when I look inside I can see clear liquid, not a lot but it is there. My penis head also feels sticky through day and on morning and sometimes my underwear has a damp patch.It also feels at times during the day that liquid is travelling down my urethra. I went to GP who checked my urine which was normal and gave me 10 days of tremathoprim anti biotics incase of prostate infection or UTI. They have not cleared it. What could it be? Could it be a prostititis condition? Could it be me being paraniod? Is it normal to have clear liquid in the urethra that I have not noticed before? I am very concerned. The liquid is not dripping out visably but my penis head is sticky at times.I appreciate you advice. Many thanks.
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It depends on your description of clear fluid? Is it different from pre-seminal fluid?

I have had prostatitis since about the age of my early 20's. Getting married at 25 I tought that this would end pmy problems with sex on a regular basis. I ws getting discomfort in the region between the scrotum and rectum. At the time I enjoyed cycling but soon noticed that this was murder on the prostate. Due to spymptoms not being relieved I saw a doctor for consultation. Urine samples and swabs were taken but none of the showed anything. I now also started having problems with frequent urination. Af few times between the ages of 22 to 27, I had come down with kidney infections, yet they could not find the cause.
discomfort by now was almost daily. After my wife and I had three children I ended up having more problems with urination at times not being able to. After several cystoscopies it was noted that I had an obstruction at the bladderneck and surgery was done to remove the tissue. I was only 30 at the time.
After this my problems continued and it was then discovered that I have a neurogenic bladder.
Today at almost 47 I'm not free from prostate problems. I have constant problems with pain between the rectum and scrotum as well as pain in the penis.
Currently as possibly the result of self catheterization, I ended up with a hole between my prostate and rectum. So far doctors have not come up with a way to fix it.

There is not a whole lot that doctors, urologists understand about the causes of prostatitis.
Just in case it was due to an infection in my case, I was treated with Cipro. The problem with this is that antibiotics eventually start effecting your digestive tract. The antibiotics kill of the needed bacteria in the bowel. As a result one can end up with yeast infections.

It is best to treat it as least agressive as possible. For me I get a lot of temporary relief from taking hot baths. Also wear cotton underwear. Avoid cafeine and spicy foods, it can make a difference. Currently for me it does not make much of a difference since I had an indwelling catheter. I was also raised on coffee and spicy foods, so for me cutting that out is worse than the prostate problems.

I know that this is not what you wanted to hear but there is very little known about this problem. Excessive masterbation (masturbation) or intercourse can add to the problem. With myself however, with the prostate problems I usually had no interest in sex or masterbation (masturbation) when I had flare ups.

It is best to treat symptoms as they present themself.

All the best.

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Thanks Ron,

I have no pain between scrotum and rectum. The only symptoms are as i described. Penis feeling like there is liquid coming down urethra at times during day. Clear pre seminal liquid inside of urethra when i look inside when it occurs and tip of penis feels moist/sticky and occassionally sticks to my underwear throughout the day.

There is no liquid oozing out of my urethra or anything like that.

I have slight discomfort occassionally at the base of my penis when urinating or ejaculating but i would not describe it as painful.

The Dr on the STD expert forum feels that i may be examining myself and noticing things that are normal but have not been noticed prior to my sexual encounter(described above) but im not sure about that. I think i would have noticed this in the past.


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