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High pheochromocytoma,High Catecholamines
Wednesday my Endo said i have an adrenal tumor.

Norepinephrine,Pl-  (0-399) mine was 1042
Catecholamine,TOT,PL-  (0-699)  mine was 1189

My thyroid was still out of whack,this is 3 months out from total thyroidectomy with papillary cancer,no treatment due to .5 cm cancer. My meds have been changed 5 times.

TSH- 0.179  Hyperthyroid
Free T4- 2.34 high
T3- 191

He lowered my synthroid to 100mcg's

They made me do a 24 urine test,will get results next wednesday.

Is this pheochromocytoma or Neuroblastoma? How do they distinguish between the two when testing?

Also,if the 24 hr urine comes back negative then what happens next since the plasma test was high?

If i really have it how dangerous is the surgery? I don't have high blood pressure,mine is low, running from 90/60 to 71/45. i also have a high heart rate all the time. I have all the symptoms of Pheo except for the high blood pressure.
This is an incidental finding,which shocked my Endo when he saw how high the test were.
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