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How to heal damaged penis?
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How to heal damaged penis?


4 months ago, I damaged my penis by doing an exercise called "jelqing" which is supposed to enlarge it. I used too much force while it was erect and the next day, the glans (glands) was numb and very cold. My erections were also weak.

3 months of complete rest - no sex, masterbation (masturbation) or silly exercises - restored sensation and the coldness is now only there minimally. I do get normal nocturnal erections and am able to get erections when aroused.

The problem is that there is still pain in the area that was initially damaged. If you picture a ring about 1 cm in width that wraps around my penis just behind the glans (glands), you can picture the damaged area. It is darker than the rest of the penis and causes my penis to shrivel alot in the day as well as mild vague pain too.

If I exercise, the action of my clothes putting force against the penis makes it shriveled and colder than usual and sore.

I also have a slight curvature to the left as a result of the damage but nothing too extreme. Sometimes when I awaken at night, my penis is curved ALOT to the left. But I can easily turn it to the right and it will stay curved to the right. This is only if I am 50-75% erect. When fully erect, it does not move.

For 6 weeks now since the sensation came back it has not improved at all and I am worried. I did see a urologist and he told me that since I can get erections then it is not serious but that I do have damaged tissue that is not yet healed or not properly healed or not healing for some other reason. He told me to take vitamin e and anti inflamatories and let it rest 6 more months but that I could have sex again.

I know I must let it rest and protect it but I feel that to do this I must lock myself in a room for months and not move so that the penis does not get any friction from clothes or movement. Since I sleep on my side, this puts some pressure on it too and I've tried to sleep on my back but it is difficult.

I get the feeling that I must do something to heal it to the next level but how to heal soft tissue in the penis?

Thanks in advance.

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Penile trauma from the exercises you were doing may have caused the symptoms you described.  For further evaluation, a penile ultrasound can be considered to evaluate for any bleeding that may be present.  

Regarding the curvature of the penis, one condition to be considered would be Peyronie's disease - where penile plaques can cause curvature of the penis.  

In any case, if evaluation turns up some damage (either soft tissue damage or a bleed), then surgery may be considered to repair the damage.  You may want to discuss these options with your urologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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