by sadn143, Mar 24, 2012
I am 21yrs old......I had an surgery for hydrocele on my right testicle 3months back.....At the time surgery doctor said that even my left one also has a very minor hydrocele and surgery is not needed now.....

Now my right one has come to its normal size.....but i got concerned about my left one now. I think that there is no increase in size in my left testicle from the point of my surgery to right one.....But now doctor said that left one still has that same old minor hydrocele

I dont want to go under surgery once again......so can u tell me any methods by which i can take care for my left one to not go into major hydrocele condition......I hope that rply would be soon

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by itsjordan88, Mar 24, 2012
try to avoid small testicle jerks by wearing tight comfortable underwear. i could suggest that much only. and nice to know that your right one is now normal.
by sadn143, Mar 27, 2012
thanks for reply......
I have some doubts......can i go to gym nw???
can i drive motorbike now???
whether masturbation can increase the hydrocele effect to the my left one.......this is because before my surgery i used to masturbate for about 4times a week......can i do it that frequent now????