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I think I'm having prostate issues
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I think I'm having prostate issues

I am a 30 yr old male a little concerned with the issue I have been having.  It seems as though after I masturbate in the  evening, when I wake in the morning and have a bowel movement, I have an itch all that day in my anus. A little ointment does ease the itching.  I have no pain whatsoever and I have no urinary problems, just an itch.  It has been going on for at least a month now and I just figured out under what circumstances the itching is caused.  If I do not masturbate and ejaculate that day or night, no itch.  I have been researching and researching.  I dont think it is a dietary issue, otherwise I would assume I would have a itch all the time. Is this a prostate issue?
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I do not understand the itching and the masturbating relationship. Physically and physiologically they are unrelated. Are you bathing/showering afterwards and either not rinsing adequately or using a new soap? Doing something to your anus in your sleep?  Your primary care physician may be able to help you in this regard.
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Hello mky6

If your semen is infected it may not always be due to prostate.Is there a smell in the semen? This could signify infection of semen. Infection could be due to infection of prostate, testis, epididyamis etc.

I need you to take two simple tests--one is semen analysis for any infection, and the other is stool routine and microscopic for any worm infestation.

I understand you hold the itch around anus related to ejaculation, but it may not be so. Please consult your GP or physician either with the reports of the tests or else without them.

Also if you are a diabetic or if you have a family history of diabetes, please get your sugar tested too, for infections are common in diabetics.


I'm 32 and I have some type of fluid coming from my penis.  My doctor ran tests but it can back negative.  I was injected with a antibiotic shot and took two pills one day and one the next.  It still havent cleared up so he called me when my result came back and to me to take SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 sub for Bactrim DS 800-160 Tab.  I am still having issue with the fluid and sometime when I ejaculate there a pain between my anus and scrutum.  Is this a enlarge prostate problem? Also the fluid like symptoms leave crusty stains in my underwears.
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