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Injury Due to Holding Urine Too Long?
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Injury Due to Holding Urine Too Long?

I'm a 24 year old male. 5'11" tall and 150 lbs. Healthy.

Recently, I held my urine 2 hours past the point of the initial urge to go to the bathroom (was stuck in traffic longer than I anticipated). During the time I was holding, I did experience increasing discomfort and the feeling of an extremely full bladder (about as much as I could tolerate before pulling over and relieving myself on the highway). I did not consume liquids during this time.

When I did get a chance to relieve myself, the urine came out right away in a healthy stream. Just took longer than usual to empty. In the days following, my bladder has felt tender and my urination frequency has increased, but with normal volume. No pain during urination, no fever, no blood in urine.

Over the course of my life, I've done this probably less than 10 times (as a conservative estimate). Normally, I go to the bathroom as soon as I feel the urge.

I am concerned that I have overstretched my bladder and/or compromised my kidneys. My questions are... what are the health effects of voluntarily holding urine for this amount of time? Are these effects temporary? Will my body completely recover (example: if stretched, will my bladder return to normal size without scarring) or is it advisable to visit the doctor for examination?

Thank you
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I doubt that you created  any significant problem by holding your urine for a longer period of time than usual. The good flow when you did void, your age, are all in your favor. Holding your urine for this limited amount of time beyond the urge to void did not cause any significant back-up of urine (to your kidneys) and did not cause any bladder damage. Your sensations have probably returned to normal by now, and if they have not will most likely do so quite soon.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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How are you? As you mentioned in situations of retention of urine it’s a natural mechanism that the bladder expands and stores large amounts of urine. When emptying it takes time than normal because of excess amount of urine stored in it. This could be one of the reason, the other reasons include over active bladder and enlarged prostrate. As you are experiencing this symptom very rarely, over active bladder is not a likely cause.

Enlarged prostrate usually occurs at an age after 45, but it can occur at an early age too. Get an voiding cystourethrogram with digital rectal examination of the prostrate. Visit the urologist with these reports.

Take care.
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