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Kidney Stones & Vitamin C?

      Re: Kidney Stones & Vitamin C?

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Posted by HFHS M.D.-MS on January 08, 1998 at 21:12:15:

In Reply to: Kidney Stones & Vitamin C? posted by J. Kelly on January 02, 1998 at 15:51:03:

: Dear Doctor:
  Can you give me information or refer me to articles on the connection between kidney stones and excess intake of vitamin c?
Dear J. Kelly
Thank you for your question.
About 90% of kidney stones are made when oxalate binds to calcium. Oxalate does not dissolve very well in urine and therefore it plays an important part of initial stone formation when it precipitates.  Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is broken down in the intestine to oxalate.  Patients who have  intestinal abnormalities which cause them to absorb oxalate at an increased rate are at risk of forming stones if they
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