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LH,FSH and Prolaction..and my symptoms relation?
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LH,FSH and Prolaction..and my symptoms relation?


Current Symptoms -
1. hard to maintain erection
2. Takes longer time to reach orgasm in sex
3. Feel like the amount of sperm is low when ejaculating

I went to urology, but nothing major issue has been found.
However, they suggested me to take CABERGOLINE 0.5mg twice a week
based on my blood test.

LH           9.4   High          1.7-.8.6    mIU/mL
FSH             14.6  High          1.5-12.4    mIU/mL
Prolactin       20.2  High          4.0-15.2    ng/mL
Testosterone    472                 249-836     ng/dL

BTW, I have taken brain MRI. However, no tumor or issue has been found.

1. What could possibly cause high LH,FSH and Prolcatin?
2. Are these seriously/extremely high?
3. Can I have above symptoms because these high level of LH,FSH and Prolactin?
4. Do you think CABERGOLINE could really help me to fix my symptoms and hormone?

I really appreciate any your opinion.

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Hi there!

The normal LH & FSH values vary between 1-10 mIU/ml and normal testosterone level varies between 3-20 ng/ml. Hence these values are not particularly high. Since an adenoma has been ruled out with an MRI, this is likely to be a primary elevation or secondary to primary low testosterone levels. Cabergoline would oppose the effects of prolactin and may help with your symptoms. I would suggest consulting an endocrinologist for appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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