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Losing a single testicle and the side effects
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Losing a single testicle and the side effects

Recently had a front right orcheopexy done to lower a retracted testicle that has been causing a lot of pain. Urologist said it was more than likely caused by scar tissue developed from an inguinal hernia i had done as a child and that it was a simple procedure that would likely relieve my pain. The night after the surgery I began bleeding inside my scrotum, I believe its called a hematoma.  We went into emergency surgery the next day where the surgeon explained to me that every time he cauterized one spot inside my scrotum another spot would open in its place. In order to stop the bleeding he ended up using a compression bandage on the scrotum for three days which did eventually work (though it was unbelievably painful ). Here we are now 4 weeks later, I'm in more pain than ever was before. I cant stand for more than a few minutes at a time let alone do any real type of lifting. So now he says the next step is removing the testicle all together. I've done background checks on him and find him to be a credible Urologist. He tells me the testosterone level in my remaining testicle will compensate for the loss of the other. Yet every article I can find speaks of massive loss of sex drive, ability to achieve erection, development of breasts and such. But at the same token all oft these articles seemed to be centered around testicular cancer or complete gender change procedures. Nothing quite like my circumstances.
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Hi, I had my left testicle removed after the result of an infection. To start back in 1999 I had a vasectomy to eliminate the chance of furter infextions. I used to end up with epidimitis or orchietis about every 3 to four month. I usually ended you in the hospital for about a week.
The day after the vasectomy every thing looked all right, the following day this was not the case. My scrotum swelled up to about the size of a small orange. I went to a doctor who was in place of our regular doctor. She told me that things were fine. Day 3 , I returned to see the surgeon. It was determing that a hematomy had to be removed. About an hour later I was in an emergency surgery to remove the hematoma. From that day on untill April of 2000, things seemed OK but there was a small hole on the left hemi scrotum. Early april I consulted with a urologist for other reasons but I mentioned the small hole in my scrotum. I was told that I was OK. On April 16 I ended up in the local hospital due to pain in my left testicle as well as having another kidney infection. Over a few days things got worse, by now I was sick enough to not recognize people who came to visit. By now my scrotum was about the size of a grapefruit or larger.
I was trasferred over to the city on my birthday, April 26 and went through emergency surgery to have a left orchiectomy. Due to the bad infection they had to remofe the testicle from the scrotum since it had become too large to remove it in a cenventional way. Since I had a real bad infection staph. they left the wound open hand had it packed with salined soaked gauze.
It took several months (5-6) for the left scrotum's incision to close.
Amazingly there was little pain when I was discharged 8 days later. I still had to pack my scrotum with soaked gause four times a day before the wound healed.
I used to work as a heavy duty mechanic and went back to work about 6 weeks after the surgery.

I currently have to give myself a monthly testosterone injection, which is not a big deal. The most likely reason for this is the fact that I was born with undecende testes. My right teste ended up in the scrotum during my first year. My left did not decend untill I was 12. Due to the testosterone shot my sex drive is no different then what it used to.

Over the last few years I have now have problems with E.D.. This is due to neurological problems. This is not due to removal of my left teste. Should you end up with problems of E. D. there are several different forms of dealing with this. I use injections to obtain an erection when needed. I have tried Viagra when a urgologist suggested it to me. This did not work for me, but the injections are great and there is little discomfort of injecting the erctile bodies of the penis. To my disappointment I have not been able to use this due having a catheter in for the last 8 months.

Under usual standards the surgery should not pose any problems for you. The way that I see it, it's better to have a testicle removed then living in pain.

I wish you well on your surgery.

God bless.


I don't think that you will have a lot of problems after the orichiectomy. Don't make the mistake of not resting while your body is healing from the surgery. I also had emergency surger in 2005 to have a right incarcerated hernia removed on the right site. From most of the surgeries that I have had, this seemed to be healing then any other surgery that I have had. As for the possibily of scar tisue being a problem, I think that the possibility of that is slim.

My reason for saying so is due to fact that I have had repeat surgeries to deal with the nerves in my wrists and elbows. The neurosurgeon did not seem to have any problems in dealing with scar tissue. Just on right arm I have had 3 repeat surgeries
i have had 3 hernia operations due to butcher job by the first surgeon,nerves were entrapped in the mesh causing excruciating pain after a year he decided to go back in and just cut the nerves now 5 years later the mesh is entwined with the nerves and stiches actually pertruting through my skin,for the op surgeon removed all mesh tied off nerves and fixed hernia due to bad mesh on previous,well now 6 months after back in excruciating pain running from top ofscar all the way thru testy,have had numerous nerve blocks to no avail!! PLease anyon a suggestion bout to jump   thanks Ron
On March 17, 2011, I was emitted into the ER for an inguinal hernia on my left side. The ER wanted to attempt to push my intestine back in; I assured them that it was not a possibility, that immediate surgery was necessary, but they insisted. After I woke up from the twenty minute anesthetic, the doctor told me that they were unsuccessful in pushing my intestine back in, and surgery would be necessary as soon as possible. I was so relieved that they were going to do in-service surgery, for I did not want to wait any longer to be referred weeks later.
After surgery, I felt a bit nauseous, but I assumed it was mostly from the antithesia. I could not hold my food down and I requested that I stay at the hospital for an additional day until I felt strong enough to leave.
After discharge, I went to stay with my brother for recovery, for it was more peaceful than my house. I am well aware of what post-op is like for an inguinal hernia, for I had one repaired when I was eleven, on my right side though.
To my surprise, the following days were awful. I could not hold any food down, I felt nauseous, and had stabbing pains in my lower back, and I also felt extremely sore in my groin.
I called my surgeon and explained my symptoms and he explained to me that it was particularly normal to feel the way I was feeling. I trusted my surgeon, for I thought he knew what was best for me.
On day 3, I noticed an swelling in my left testicle. I also felt "stuff" in my scrotum; some of it felt like fluid, but there was other foreign particles floating around and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I can't describe the pain, but all I know is I was doubled over in the bed, and no position made me feel better. It felt as if my left testicle was on the verge of exploding. I called the surgeon again and explained my updated symptoms. He advised me that I had a pretty serious surgery and that the "stuff" I was feeling was fluid. He told me to take motrin and put either an icepack or frozen vegetables (wrapped in a towel) underneath my scrotum and keep the lower half of my body raised. I did as my doctor told.
On day 4, My left testicle was the size of a cadbury egg. My scrotum was a dark purple; it looked as if it had been punched repeatedly for hours on end, and believe me, it felt just the same. I called my surgeon again and explained my symptoms. He assured me to calm down and to understand that these symptoms were completely normal. He said he understands my concern and worry, but assured me I had nothing to worry about, and the pain WOULD SUBSIDE eventually. I never left the bed for the rest of my time at my brothers. My ex (an RN) continued to advise me to go back to the hospital, but I told her I trusted my doctor.
On day 5, I called my doctor once more. He told me if the pain had increased by the next day, to call him again, and he'd check me out just to make me feel better. I ignored my doctor this time and forced my brother to take me back to the hospital.
I went back to the same hospital that did the surgery, for I figured it would be best, since they had all of my records and recent history of the operation. I waited for three hours in the waiting room and when I was finally put in a bed, I waited another hour for a doctor. The doctor was very arrogant in her response when I alluded to the fact that something was wrong. They ordered an ultrasound, and I'll never forget this very moment. They moved the instrument on and around my right testicle first, you could hear pulsating sounds and flowing blood. Then the technician told me she was going to test the left testicle now. She moved the instrument around the swollen purple testicle and all I heard was static and crackling. I knew instantly that something was wrong.
After an hour of returning from ultrasound, suddenly, the doctor who was so negligent and carefree entered the room alarmed followed by the director of the hospital, my surgeon (who had driven to the site), and a urologist. They asked my family to leave the room, and then began to divulge the bad news. They never admitted to any wrong doing, but simply stated that something had occurred that resulted in cutting off the blood flow to my left testicle, and it was past the point of salvation. They later removed my left testicle that evening.

I have read plenty of testimonies of those who suffered from scrotum/testicle pain after an inguinal hernia surgery. Many of you have described the symptoms that seemed so similar to mine, but seemingly you all wound up fine, or perhaps the same thing happened to you, but I'll never know, because the majority of testimonies are never followed up.
If there is anyone out there that has had a similar circumstance resulting in the removal of their testicle, I would really appreciate your time to discuss your experiences. It has been nearly over a year since the surgery, and I am struggling to get my life back together. I feel as if I have lost the greater part of my sexual drive, my erections do not last as long, and I have lost 90% of the feeling in my orgasms. I still produce semen, but there is not overwhelming climaxing feeling. I am not sure if it's trauma or not. All I know is I hate what they did to me, and I would love to speak with someone who is familiar with my experiences.
actually i dont know wat i waz searching for on internet before i got hooked with this testacle of a thing.....but the last comment i read make me wanna share my experience too.....
when i was 19y.o, that was 2000, i was in high school then, i lived in hostel, though before then, i used to feel a contast stomach ache, that i's always like gonna die.....just one day i woke up in hostel, i couldn't stand up, ma right balls was so swelled and gaddem i thought i was gonna die with the crazy pain i was feeling in the lower part of my tommy, very close to my balls...the right balls swelled up and huge and thick, i was like damn this thing is gonna burst, my roommate took me to the school clinic (thanks to them), that same day i called for one of my dad's friend that works close to my school.....imagine for good 8,9, 10hours of non-stop pain all over the body, nothing is confortable, everything was like upside down, i was like seeing demons, angel, like yes am gonna die tonight!!!
i was rushed down to general hospital in my city when they called my dad and mom, i dont even know the cause of this ****, the last thing i remembered before my right ball was removed was "u are my boy everything is gonna be fine" said by ma dad, that was around 10 in the night, i woke in the morning, bandage and plastas around all my **** and some whitish thing just kept coming out my **** but frequently, saw my my mom slept on a sit close to my bed, (damn i love that woman)
after one week, the doctor removed the stitches, i went home with my mom, thanks to my sisters, they were damn very suppotive...
i went back to school, keep living my normal life, but one thing i discover now is that, i can even bang a girl ejaculate and within some minutes this John Thomos God gave me is gonna stand like he never see a ***** before, now am 26y.o, living a normal life, still flexing, so i guess all this one testacle thing depend on what everybody believe in, God never plan for anybody to suffer, all this sickness, diseases, they are nothing that should be above human believe, i gat one ball, but i believe it gat nothing to do with me as a man, its just my believe....am out Scott!
hey my name is spencer. i read your article and i lost mine too. just my right one.
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