Lower right abdominal pain
by ceo24, Jan 04, 2008
I hope you can help. 26 yr male,undiagnosed after 1 year.  I have been having an intermittent lower right abdominal pain (lower right quadrant), about the level of the waistline and just inside of the inner edge of my hipbone.  

Sometimes there is no pain and sometimes it is dull or has a slight burning / stinging feeling.  It seems to worsen after sitting or leaning forward for periods of time.  I also occasionally have right hip pain, pain in my right testicle and vas deferens area and right inner thigh.  To a lesser extent occasional lower back pain and once in a while flank / kidney area pain. I feel that I experience somewhat frequent urination and once in a while I have cloudy urine. I am in a monogamus relationship and use protection.

It started about a year ago.  I had lower abdominal pain and pain in testicles.  Saw urologist and he prescribed Cipro saying I had prostatitis, epidytimitis, or some variation.  It seemed to get better.

- A couple months later I had a physical and lower right abdominal pain with the occasional right testicle pain.  My primary physician checked for hernias, testicular exam and felt my abdomen.  Mentioned could be infection in ureter- put me on Cipro for 3 weeks and had urinalysis, PSA and normal bloodwork done, all normal.  It is hard to say if it improved or not because the pain comes and goes and is dull.  

-Still experiencing the pain months later and I visit the Doctor for another issue and tell him about the pain again.  Checked again for hernias, testicular and abdomen exam.  Sent me for urinalysis and chlamydia test.  All normal.  

-Finally I have a background in science / biology and I purchased some 10 SG urine dipsticks for home testing.  I have done a number of tests and all come back normal except for about 30-40% of the time non-hemolyzed trace blood.  No signs of leukocytes, protein, etc.  Lastly, I had a very small spermatocele diagnosed via ultrasound on my right testicle a few years ago.

Thank you
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by hyperannie, Jan 06, 2008
I am female but had amost this same problem for years and no one could give me answers although it would be at it's worst if I drank beer or a lot of water it was a birth defect that did not surface for many years.  It was a tube blockage from my kidney and it took two surgerys to fix it but it changed my life the problem came and went but became more often after 25 yrs of age. The surgery that fixed it was to remove a rib and reroute the kidney. It worked life had been great the last 7 years.
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Jan 06, 2008
it's worth considering other reasons for right lower quadrant pain.  Ask for a cat scan of the abdomen to rule out a chronic appendicitis or other intrabdominal process. Consider a 2nd opinion from a urologist at a major university center.
by maggie7775, Jan 13, 2008
I had the same problem, less the testical since I'm a female.  I was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis after five years of crazy doctors and test after test.  My first sign was lower, right ab pain, lower back flank pain, frequent urnination (up to 26 times a day).  Always treated for chronic Urinary Tract Infections even though my tests came back negative.  IC is a disease that effects the bladder by actually hardening it and exposing the nerves to the acid in your urine.  It can cause all sorts of problems and men do suffer from it as well as women.  Doctors don't think of it because it's a relatively new disease.  You might want to ask your uroligist about it.  They don't know what causes it, some think it's an autoimuine disease.  There is only one medication for it called Elmiron.  Do some research and see what you come up with.  good luck!  
by Enoch Choi, MDBlank, Jan 15, 2008
since 1996 pentosan polysulfate sodium (elmiron) has been FDA approved for IC.

there are other reasons for these symptoms though...
by Huffle, Feb 23, 2008
It would be easy to copy and paste you problem as my problem because we suffer the exact same thing with only one difference. Mine is on the left side lower quadrant, inside the hip. Started as a mild infreqent sting to a very uncomfortable dull ache lower back pain that transfered to the front. Sometimes i feel as though i have a blockage. The pain is worse when drinking large quantities of alchol, sitting slightly twisted, full bladder and full stomach, sitting in the bath, digging and riding or being a passenger on a motorbike. It can also be a ***** sometimes when having sex. I can get a tightening feeling in the tubes and have had retrograde ejaculation slowly develope over the last couple of years. This would support the blocked feeling because the sperm take the route of least resistance.  

I have had every test including mri and camaras in every hole and in the tubes. I had an op for an inguinal hernia and the problem got worse due to being agrivated during that op. The surgeon had no idea why i was in so much pain after what is a straight forward op. All i know is i never felt pain like it and the problem got worse.

I first went to the docter when i was 29 to explain this feeling. I am now 37 and still have the problem with no solution. I often wonder if it it the siatic? nerve.

I will show your question to my doctor because after this long and that many test you start to think they dont believe you and that its all in your head. Suggest you do the same.

After 8 yrs i cope and live with it. I hav e had mixed results from sperm testing. Some say im a gaffa and some say its the best on the market.

Sorry i cant help further but if i hear of any kind of solution i will post it.

You do the same.

by bcromp, Mar 03, 2008
I have the exact same problem.  I'm a 26 year old male.  I just had an ultrasound and blood and urine tests done.  I have the burning, stinging feeling just inside my right hip bone.  I also have off and on pain in my lower right abdomen and lower right side of my back.  It seems to affect me more when I am full.  However, the pain mostly just comes and goes as it pleases.  I have noticed that it does not hurt me at all to exercise, but afterwards the pain seems to flare up and bother me.  I've also noticed some bloating.

I've had these symptoms off and on for a few months.  If anyone gets answers, please post...this is getting very annoying.
by yss, Aug 16, 2008
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by dlh18, Jul 22, 2011
im a 19 year old female.for the last couple of months my discharge has been white,clear, and stretchy.My urine has been cloudy.and whenever i push on my stomach or lay on my stomach it hurts only on my right side from my hip all the way to my ribs,to the middle of my stomach.hope youu can help me out with what it is