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Lump in pubic area
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Lump in pubic area

I have a lymph-node-like lump underneath my pubic hair on my left side. (29 yr-old male)

I'm concerned because it's located so close to the testicles (basically right above the muscle that links from the testicles to the the upper thigh)
I've lived with it for about a year without much pain.. But lately I've been feeling it more.
Is this serious and what can I do about it?
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Avatar dr f tn

Any lymph node that stays enlarged for more than a month will need to be investigated further.

Lymph nodes in the groin enlarge as a consequence of infection, trauma, or other inflammatory changes in the lower limbs or groin.

Persistent lymphadenopathy, even though it is not generalized, can indicate a recurrent causative factor limited to the area drained by the lymph node.

The site of the node indicates that it is part of the inguinal lymph node complex.

"Inguinal lymphadenopathies are caused by sexually transmitted diseases of the genitalia and other infections of the perineum and pelvis."
"In most instances, lymph nodes up to 1 cm can still be considered normal. The 2 exceptions to this rule include the epitrochlear node, in which up to 0.5 cm is allowed, and the inguinal nodes, in which up to 1.5 cm is allowed."

Investigations that help in diagnosing the cause of an enlarged lymph node include ultrasonography and FNAC.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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