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Masturbation Cause Bladder Infections?
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Masturbation Cause Bladder Infections?

     Over the past 4 years i have had reoccurring Bladder/Urine infections. I only started getting this problem after masturbation, ejaculation. I have been getting somewhat misinformation in regards to whether or not you should withhold or not?  I have never had a history of urine infections up until I started this.  At first the worst it ever got was just some gas afterwords as well as somewhat of a upset/grumbling stomach. Within about 2 to 3 days I would recovery fully.  I never though much about this at the time as I though was normal. I then started receiving pain in my groin area and it is very sensitive to the touch.  This didn't happen right away although. There weren't any problems for about a year before I really started seeing an issue with it.

     I began getting pain in my groin area but it subsided within a day but was having urinating problems shortly after. I felt I had to frequent but never got out much. This somewhat varied though as at times I was able to go just fine but was frequenting a lot.  I have had this reoccurring infection now at least 3  times within the past 4 years.  Although this has seemly only accrued  after masturbating, ejaculation? I sometimes had frequented 2 to 3 times a week. Although usually no more then two on average. I ad-mange this might have something to do with my problem and I have been told that a possible enlarged prostate might be the culprit. My infection has been more frequent now as I have gotten this twice within the past 3 months. The symptoms are almost exactly the same as before but I feel bloated and pressure is in my stomach this time around as well as the groin and weak stream.  

     I am in the process of seeing Urology if necessary but my question is this?  Does ejaculation, withholding or masturbating in general healthy or is it the cause of my problems? What is considered to be in excess. Since I am not currently with a partner I want to stay sexually healthily but of coarse not to the point of making me sick or causing long term problems. I have been told I shouldn't be having problems with this as I am only in my early 30's? Any information you have on this matter would be appreciated.

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I'm unsure as to what you mean in reference to gas.
Currently i'm waiting as to what, when I need surgery to repair a fistula between the bladder/prostate and rectum.

From reading up on it, a fistula is an abnormal communication betwee the urinairy tract and the bowel or in my case the rectum.

I early March this year I ended up in hospital after having been free of major infections for about 3 years. My hospital stay was the result of a kidney infection as well as pnumonia.
It was while in hospital that I noticed that I was passing gas out of the penis or through the cathter. Following cystoscopies (instrumentation to view the bladder and urethra) it was confirmed that I indeed had a fistula. Now at times I seem to pass a certain amount of stool through the catheter.

If you indeed are passing gas out of the penis, urinary tract, seeking treament would be of benefit to you. From experience I can tell you that you can be feeling well when you wake up, ony to be severly ill within hours.

If this is the case, get medical help soon.

God bless,

I am 11 years old and I have been having really strong burning lately I don't know what to do it is ruining my life I took many kind of antibiotics and I took creams and it still wont go away!
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