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Ongoing pain in genitals and perenium, what can it possibly be?
For possibly over a year or so, I have been having pain in my genitals.
On the left side on the shaft, right below the 'head' of the penis, Ive been experiencing pain for a while now there. The pain seems to radiate from the left testicle and perenium as well. It is accompanied by ocassional numbness. This pain has been going on for what id guess to be around a year.
Heres some extra info about me that might be helpful:
-I am 18, and a homosexual( been in a monogamous relationship since december)
-i tend to urinate frequently, regardless of my fluid intake
-i had an STD panel a few months ago, results were clear
- i do have a bend in my penis, but have always had it
- the pain subsides with an erection
- my penis seems a bit firm in the flaccid state
- my erections seem a bit weak and somewhat difficult to maintain
- i have morning nausea
-numbness off and on in genitals
- tip of penis often times cold to touch
- i also do have anxiety
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