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Pain after lithotripsy
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Pain after lithotripsy

4 1/2 weeks ago I had ESWL for a 4MM stone in my right kidney.  Since then I have had relatively constant pain/discomfort on the right side in my lower back and groin area.  The back pain originates just above my pelvis and  I also have pain in my right thigh that's assoiciated with the back pain.  Both the groin pain and back pain are most prominent when I am sitting or lying down.  Is this normal?  I'm concerned because the pain is pretty constant and doesn't seem to change in intensity.        
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“Abdominal pain is not uncommon after ESWL, but it is usually not cause to worry. However, persistent or severe abdominal pain may imply unexpected internal injury. Colicky renal pain is very common as gravel is still passing.”
However you should report this pain to your doctor. Post lithotripsy, the patients are given following guidelines:
• “There may be a burning sensation on urination as stone fragments are passed. It is normal to see blood in the urine for several days. Increase the fluid intake to dilute the blood and decrease the burning sensation.
• Slight bruising may be noted on the site of treatment.
• Drink six to eight glasses of fluid in eight hours or two to three litres in 24 hours following the procedure. Resume a normal diet.
• Avoid strenuous activity, exercise or work for 24 hours following the procedure. After that time you may resume normal activities unless instructed otherwise by your urologist. Be up and walking as much as possible as this can help the stone fragments pass more quickly.
• Do not drive or operate hazardous machinery for 24 hours or while taking prescription pain medication.
• Mild back pain is normal. Soaking in a warm bath may help to relieve discomfort.
• For mild pain – take two Tylenol (regular, plain) every four hours as needed.
• For moderate pain – your urologist may prescribe pain medication, take as directed.
• For severe pain - if pain is not relieved by your medication, call your urologist or go to the nearest emergency department and inform them that you are a post-lithotripsy patient. They will notify your urologist for further orders.
• If your doctor orders an antibiotic, fill the prescription and take the medication until it is finished.
• Continue with the other prescribed medications you were taking prior to treatment, unless you have been told otherwise.
• Notify your urologist or go to the nearest emergency department if you have any of the following complaints:
o Persistent pain not controlled by medications
o Unexplained fever (temperature above 38°C or 100.4°F) and chills
o Persistent nausea and vomiting
o Blood clots being passed in the urine
o Inability to urinate
• Strain urine to collect stones for testing. Strain urine for two weeks or until there have been no stones for several days. Some patients do not pass stone fragments until four to six weeks. Please collect these stones.
• Bring all the stone fragments to your follow-up appointment with the urologist.”
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else.
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Hi thank you for your advce.  I had ESWL  yesterday. Actually was very surprised at how well I did the first day. Little to no pain..took Percocet 7.5 ever 4 hours walked a bit around the house rested and watched a movie with visiting friends and ate a nice dinner they made. The only blood in my urine was observed the first 3 times then it began to clear :) . My urologist told me he was was able to pulverize my 7 mm stone and all the surroundung stones in my left kidney.. Good news. Throughtout the day I passed a little sand and toward the late evening until now very liitle. I started noticing my pain gradually increase between the pain medication and my pain in my upper kidney area and groin would increase closer to my next due dossage of percocet (7.5)! However, the pain grew stronger around 3am...ouch!!! I took a dosage but by 5 am the pain had pacing  the house deciding if I could take the kidney pain for another 2 more hours, when it was ok to take abother pill. I was still uritating in a clear form and the strainer was almost empty. So why this pain?  It wasn't soreness it was definately the kind of pain I felt when passing previous stones. I have a pain tolerance that is very high. From passing a 6mm stone while still teaching my second graders to passing a 5 mm stone the night before my ESWL treatment with only one dose of 1/2 (5) (to take the edge off) so this pain took me by surprise. Right now the pain is calmed and I decided not to go to the ER ( I was dressed and out the door practically an hour ago. My upper kidney felt like it was going to explode! I'm thinking maybe a clump of pulverized stone (sand) could have caused this pain and since now that pain has somewhat subsided and shited to a lower grounn more tolerable pain that the clump has shifter further down the ureter and has given me a bit of relief from the pain just enough to be able to stick it out until me next dosage at 7:00 am :) if you still check these postings I would love to hear some thoughts!
Teacher and mom in pain
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I apologize  for any grammatical/spelliing errors in  my previous post...I'm a much better teacher when not on pain meds and can focus... Lol
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I had my lithrotripsy Friday, went home feeling sore, then abt 1800 started having severe uncontrolled pain. Called Dr on call who told me to go to ER. Had to go by ambulance as I was not able to even sit up, could not change out of my raggedly old nightgown or put a coat on, so off I went wrapped in a blanket. The did a CT scan. Then radiologist did not see anything out of the norm so they drugged me up, sent me home with a medication for anxiety. Got a call from my urologist first thing next day who told me there is a huge contusion on my kidney which was causing extreme pain and can increase my BP. I say if pain increases get it looked at.
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