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Pain at tip of Penis... STD or Prostatitis?
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Pain at tip of Penis... STD or Prostatitis?

I had protected intercourse, and recieved unprotected oral from a new partner.  (not sure if this is the culprit but seems very coincidental)   Never had any issues previous to this, and hadn't had intercourse in a few months prior to this.

- 12 days later, severe burning at tip of penis...nasty (felt like my urethra was being jammed into my underwear)
- 2 days after that, urgency to urinate, pressure, low flow of urine

No other symptoms whatsoever...no rash, drip, discharge at all)

- went to clinic 2 days later, they prescribed 7 days of doxycycline and gave me a rosephin injection (treating me for Chlamydia and gonorrhea (performed tests for both...but needed to wait 9 days for results since it was a clinic)

- no improvement in symptoms over the course of 7 day treatment

- Tests came back negative for both!  

- Went to family doc 2 days later, he ordered tests for herpes, hiv, syphilis, HSV 1&2 IGG and Igm, PSA antigen, and urine culture(these tests are 30 days after last intercourse with new partner).  he also gave me 7 days of metronozidale for treatment of possible trichomonas just in case.

- 7 days later, some improvement in urgency and flow, but burning tip still there.  Tests came back negative for everything.(again, it is 30 days after exposure so maybe it didnt register yet) He referred me to urologist.

-Saw urologist on April 18th (40 days since sexual encounter, and 28 days of symptoms), he said I most likely have no STD at all, checked my prostate, and said it was normal size but a little tender he thought. He said I most likely have prostatitis.  He gave me 14 days of Cipro, and after that is done, I have a septra prescription for 10 more days.

In the mean time, I have taken cranberry pills, drink a ton of water, and drink cranberry juice daily (not a ton due to the sugar...just a glass or so.  I also take a multivitamin and saw Palmetto)  I have been taking motrin as well, but that isnt working at all.

I am now in day 6 of cipro, and I see no improvement at all...actually yesterday seemed worse!  Urgency was coming back again.  Any ideas of what this could be?  Are there any other STDs I need to check out?  If it is prostatitis, typically how long should it be before seeing improvement with antibiotics  (I doubt it is  chronic prostatitis at this point since I never had any issues before)

Any suggestions.  This penis pain is really draining me!

Also, in Prostatitis, what actually causes teh pain to refer tot he tip of the penis.  I read alot that this is a symptom, but no explanantion why.  thanks!

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Read your post. Sounds very similar to my experience- Received oral sex from a person I met on line and about 2 weeks later severe penis problems that have yet to be resolved.  Was diagnosed with Prostatitis (severe pain at tip, irritation, slow urine flow, burning)  was on a ton of antibiotics- NO RELIEF- tested for every STD NOTHING...here it is 3 years later and still have the pain, can't pee corrcetly, pain after ejaculation, premature ejaculation, a total disaster..anyway I think (after reading a ton of posts) that there is a definite connection between unprotected oral sex and this penis disorder that no Dr can explain...  good luck

Symptoms of burning pain, urgency and decrease in urine flow may suggest a prostate condition. A prostate secretion culture could have helped as this will help ascertain the presence of prostatic infection .The prostate secretion culture will also help guide treatment.

An acute bacterial prostatitis is a differential in your case. Although, this does not seem to be  a very strong differential due to absence of fever and severe pain in the perineal area or the area between the penis and the scrotum this is still a likely diagnosis. Acute bacterial prostatitis usually has an acute presentation. It is a urinary tract infection which arises from a urethral infection .This urethral infection may help explain the pain at the tip of the penis.

Treatment for prostate infections should last for  4 to 6 weeks .Discuss this with your physician. At this point this does not sound like an STD.
Hello it sems I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Did you find a solution? ever tried an antibiotic which is effective against anaerobic bacteria like clincimdyin (or something like this...)
I am tryin my first antibioticum since 2/3 days, i have some relief but still a permanent discomfort.
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