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Pain in Vas Deferens and testicles
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Pain in Vas Deferens and testicles

I was masturbating last night and i started to feel pain in my left testicle. At first it was slight but then it got worse. I continued, but then it became unbearable, so i stoped (i did not finish) i lay down on my bed and the pain moved around:It moved to both my testicles and then to my Vas Deferens(i think) and slowly made its way up. it stayed there and slowly moved back down (the Vas Deferens) and it was INCREADIBLY SORE. i waited for a while and it seemed to get better. it took some pain killers and it only helped slightly. the pain just stayed in my Vas Deferens and i tryed to stand, but when i stood up i hurt ALOT (something to do with stretching) . i lay back down and went to sleep for the night.
i woke up to find the pain was almost gone bat when i stood up it came back. if i sneeze, stretch, or flex really hard it hurts even more. the pain is now hovering around my bladder. i know i should probaly see a doc but i want to know i, should maybe wait it out or masturbate. Please advise :(
aditional information:
i am 16 years old
i gooogled it and i cant find the exact same problem i have, but from what i can tell it might be over masturbation or maybe Epididymo-orchiti.
i vave had increased libido recently i dont know why but it gets realy bad and i start sweating. i think it might be because i came of a kind of proteen shake recently or something. amyway i have been masturbating alot a a result, more than ever before. but recently i am more normal.
2 days ago i had pain in my left testicle randomly and i waited it out and it went away i think think it also happened before (pain in left testi randomly)
recently, i did experience pain while masturbating but is was very slight.
i still have a little pain in both my testicles right now but it is slight.
i think it must be over masturbation.
as far as looks go my ball sack is slightly more red than usual, but im not shure.
standing up makes it worse.

sorry for the essay but i dont want irrelevant answers.

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I recommend you see your pediatrician or healthcare provider, who may refer you to a qualified urologist.  Especially since the pain persists.  It could be that excessive masturbating has caused a spasm in the spermatic cord and a nerve or nerves have become inflamed but usually this will go away with over the counter pain medicine, (taken appropriately, with a short period of cessation of masturbating, and time.  However, an infection cannot be ruled out, and I highly recommend you see your primary healthcare provider today or as soon as possible.  (preferably with in the next 12-24 hours).  If there is any discharge, or blood, or any fever, or increased pain, or dysuria/lost of feeling/function, change in blood flood, or swelling/redness, I recommend you go to an Emergency room now and get immediate care.  Hope this helps and take good care!  
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