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Pain in left testical and scrotum after ejaculation
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Pain in left testical and scrotum after ejaculation

The history of the issue goes back one year ago. I was working-out in a gym when I begun feeling minor-really-minor pain in my left testicle. I ignored it but stopped working out at the gym. Then, I was moving in my new apartment few months later and I was lifting furniture and again I felt minor pain at bottom abdomen and left testicle. It then vanished the next day and have had nothing until one month ago.

I was having sex, then masturbated and masturbated again the next morning. I went at work and I felt pain in the left testicle and left part of bottom abdomen that lasted the whole day. I had Upsarin just to make it stop - and immediately after I drank the Upsarin (it's Aspirin sort of), which goes in fluid/water, I felt sharp pain at the area where my penis starts - a bit to the left. It ached just the same as if you'd put alcohol on open would but from the inside. As If my skin was having some sort of rush and I put alcohol on it, but from the inside. I visited a Surgeon and after short examination he told me I have small inguinal channels widening (not sure the term) that might result in inguinal hernia if I lift heavy weight and staff. I was amazed how fast he diagnosed me and I was suspicious.

I then went to visit the Nephrologist for an Ultra-sound examination. He found out Cyst the size of 2cm at the RIGHT (not left) testicle. He said it's some sort of fluid-filled (sperm-filled) Cyst that has to be tracked and decided later whether I should go and have a surgery or no. That was like living hell for me, being this paranoiac and hypocritical about my health I was feeling as if something life-terminating has been diagnosed.

After I visited few more doctors with the same UltraSound image they told me not to worry about nothing - my fertility will not be endangered if we track the cyst correctly and that the surgery is a 2days operation in total. Then I visited Surgeon again and did a little bit more detailed examination. He told me that - YES - I have widening of the inguinal channels and that I should go and have a surgery after 2 months.

I reduced masturbation to 2 times a week. I still have pain after I masturbate/ejaculate. Was/Am thinking this is related to the inguinal hernia process I was told that's taking place.

Today, not on examination but at home, I sow another doctor. He said the pain of that kind cannot be produced from the inguinal channels. He is guessing Prostatis and prescribed Ciprofloxacin for 10 days and Chymoral - same dosage (just to make sure if there is inflammatory be stopped).

I heard so much from so many doctors.
I have in plan to have in near future.
I am frightened as rabbit.

Any help and words of comfort are REALLY appreciated.

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