Penis vein problem
by Young_Dude, Mar 19, 2008
Hey, I have been concerned about the veins in my penis for a last 1½ weeks. I noticed one new, visible vein on the left side of my penis, and that the other veins that were before only slightly visible had now become much more prominent and bulging. And this is when I'm not hard. When I have erection these veins are not so visible, unless I'm standing: then they ugly pop up to the surface (hasn't happened before, not this much at least).

Anyway, I immediately started to search the net to find out what was wrong, and read through everything that sounded even slightly of my problem, from varicose veins to lymphatic vessel thrombosis. Well, what I found out from Penis Enlargement forums (heh) actually sounded kinda much the condition that I have: these guys who have been doing all these kind of jelqing and stretching exercises (I'm not one of them if anyone suspects..) say that after few weeks they started to get new veins to their penises, and they were showing even when flaccid (just like mine).

They say that it's completely natural that your penis reacts to the exercises like that. Well, I haven't been doing anything like that of course, but I think that there could be another reason for my veins to bulge: I've been *sigh* jerking off for some time now kinda intensively. Maybe too long sessions, too many times a day with a little too strong grip have caused my veins to grow so much?

Well, now comes the question part. Can you reduce vein size back to what it used to be? I mean are veins like muscles: if you don't use them they start to become smaller? I have thought that if I jerked off from now on max once per 2 days (a lot less work to the veins than before) very gently, could they start to reduce in size? Or are there other ways to make them smaller and less visible? Getting a little more fat?

If someone has an answer for this I would be sooo grateful. This thing has a very bad effect to my self-esteem, because my **** used to be those few things in my body that I was happy with, and I hate to think that it'll be ugly like this for the rest of my life.

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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Mar 19, 2008

At this point,what you have may be a varicose vein (this is the most likely differential that comes to mind). Varicose veins in the penis rarely involve the head.Varicose veins are simply engorged superficial veins that may be noted even when the penis is flaccid.

Without pain, redness, change in urinary pattern ,there seems to be no indication for further intervention. A penile ultrasound may help exclude a blood clot.During sexual activity,it is best to be careful not to injure the vein as this may lead to swelling and pain. I suggest that you have this assessed by a urologist.You may want to decrease sexual activity and observe if this will bring any improvement.

A complete testicular examination is also necessary to exclude involvement of vessels within the scrotal sac.

Is there any palpable swelling or bump in the scrotum?

Do keep us posted regarding your progress.
by Young_Dude, Mar 19, 2008
Thanks for your quick response, Vanessa.

My scrotum and testicles seem to be fine, nothing unusual there.

More about the veins: They are visible when sitting or standing, not when I lay down (then they seem to almost completely disappear).

The completely new one in left is not straight when I'm flaccid: it makes a couple of twists and turns. In erection it's straight, though.

In the middle there is the big vein (dorsal..?) that disappears about 1 cm before the glans. But mostly I'm worried and stressed about of what look like two branches of the big middle vein. The first one is located soon after the half way of the shaft, and branches to the right. Second one is located a little bit nearer of the glans, and goes directly to the opposite direction = left. They're about 1-2 cm long, and thicker than the middle vein itself! They look very ugly, maybe partly because they bulge so much that they cast a little shadow under them that just makes them look bigger.

I think I watch the situation for a while before going to see the doctor. If these are varicose veins, what treatment they need? Can they resolve due time with no other treatment than just gentle care? And the original question again, if these are just normal veins (I actually almost hope they're not..) is it possible to make them smaller by not putting penis under so much stress?

by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Mar 19, 2008

Here are my thoughts:

To make the veins smaller by decreasing sexual activity,stress, manipulations is something I can not exactly tell. One has to ascertain the cause of the condition and treat or eliminate the cause for an effective outcome. These enlarged superficial veins may be due to an underlying clot in the penile veins.I suggest you have it assessed along this line.As I have posted , a penile ultrasound and complete physical examination by your physician may help.

However, I see nothing wrong if you want to test your hypothesis so to speak.Try to observe the condition and decrease sexual activity for a time.It is possible that the frequent manipulations may aggravate the condition.Although , varicose veins are not associated with sexual activity.

It will be wise to observe how things will progress first.In the presence of severe pain and abrupt swelling,seek immediate consult.
by Young_Dude, Mar 25, 2008
Yep, I am kinda sure now that at least the two "middle vein branch" -like things are varicose; they fit the description perfectly.

Is there any way to reduce varicose vein size or prevent them from coming worse? I started to use more tight underwear that seems to prevent a little of the blood pooling, but does it help anything in a long period of time? Or does something like exercising help? I have noted that when I stand still they quickly become more visible, so moving around seems to be kind of a good thing.

I haven't found any cure for penile varicose veins in the net yet, and some sites say that you can't cure them at all! Is this true? A researcher named Andrew K. Fletcher claims in some sites that his invention, Inclined Bed Therapy, has cured varicose veins from the legs of many people, but can this be trusted and could it help for penile veins also? I'm starting to get a little desperate thinking of what my penis may look like when I'm something like 30 years old, if these just start to get worse and I can do nothing about them (now I'm only 16).

Thanks for your time and help.
by Young_Dude, Mar 25, 2008
Oh, one more thing: Sexual activity doesn't seem to affect the veins. Though they are most visible when penis is returning to the flaccid state after ejaculation, but that's normal, isn't it?

By the way, can penis size affect on forming of varicose veins? Like: bigger penis, more blood, bigger chances to get VV:s? Mine is 17-18 cm long (=about 7 inches). Like I said earlier I was kinda proud of it, but not so much anymore because of the veins.
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Mar 25, 2008

I know you are highly anxious about this. At this point the primary concern shall be : What is the implication of this condition to your health? The presence of these prominent veins do not pose any threat to your health and this should offer some relief. With regards to the aesthetic aspect, I think that any intervention is not indicated at this point. Aside from concerns regarding aesthetic reasons, this does not give you any symptoms at all . Manipulating the area may only initiate problems.For as long as the prominent veins do not affect sexual response, do not present with any symptoms of pain, redness or discoloration, this is not something to really worry about.At this point there is no known effective method in treating penile varicose veins unless it is caused by an underlying clot within the vessels.
by Young_Dude, Mar 26, 2008
Okay. Thank you very much for your help, Vanessa.

by Victheclick, Feb 18, 2009
I am 55 and have the same hexagonal veins on the under shaft of my Penis with a charictaristic Hexaganal layout with 2 vertical "rippling" veins with a similar set up on the Top side but (thankfully) not quite as noticeable. And it lists very slightly to the left, when flaccid and erect and this I hate the most.
  Although I masturbate only Once on the average day as my wife is no longer very interested, I do so much rougher than before. This is what I attribute these problems to. And as you may find, masturbation is highly addictive. I have been contemplating a drug to take for a couple of months just to give poor "Henry" a well earned break.
by dana007, Jun 06, 2009
I just thought I'd comment, as a woman.

Any woman that says ANYTHING about your penis being not up to par is a WASTE of your time. Don't let anyone think you are less than perfect for ANY reason. Women have to embrace the differences in men just as much as men have to embrace the differences in women. We all look different-- some have stretch marks, different looking vaginas and labia, but that really doesn't matter unless you make it your priority. I had a boyfriend with varicose veins in his scrotum, and I caused him pain once or twice because he didn't tell me-- because he was worried I would make fun of him. I didn't of course, and I absolutely didn't want to cause any pain or embarrassment either!!

I hope you don't worry yourself sick. Remember, what I say, ok? They're not worth it if they care that much.

Cheerio young dude,