Persistent Inflamed & Irritated Meatus
by user0555, Apr 12, 2010

Thanks for any help anyone has to offer.

I've been suffering from an inflammed and irritated meatus for just over seven weeks now and I'm really confused as to what's causing it or how to fix it. I'm in a foreign country at the moment so access to healthcare and consequently explaining my problem in a foreign language hasn't been the easiest. For that reason, I'm writing here to see if anyone could lend some advice.

I suppose all of this started in late December when I received a sort of rough unprotected handjob from a sex worker. I believe she was using lube she had previously put in her anus to rub my penis. In other words, she was reaching to her anus to get the lube and then rubbing my penis with it. She rubbed the tip (meatus) with her thumb in a circular pattern, and did so pretty intensely although it didn't bother me too much at the time. A few days later I saw that the tip of my penis looked slightly different. It looked as if there were two pursed lips instead of a straight slit like before. But that was it. I had no other symptoms. I figured it was just a little traumatized after the handjob. But would go away.

Then in the month of January, I had quite a lot of unprotected sex with a girl who has since been tested and came out clean. In February, about two months later from my encounter with the sex worker and a few weeks after I stopped having regular sex in January, some real irritation started. I could best describe the condition as irritation and very slight inflamation of at the tip of the penis. It comes and goes in intensity but at its worst moments, it's very pink and burns slightly when I pee just at the tip of the urethra. The size of the pursed lips also vary depending on how bad the irritation is and also, along with the redness small bumps come and go. The bumps though however are ever so slight and usually disappear within a couple days together with the redness. They don't appear anything like warts or herpes sores. Spotted redness might be a better description. The other thing I noticed is that my urethra appears to be slightly wider and open, revealing the sensitive wet part of my urethra, almost as if my it's trying to breath. I think this might be why it gets irritated from rubbing against my clothing. I've also noticed more discharge than usual from my penis. I'm not sure if it's precum but basically, it's clear, has no scent, and a has the consistency of mucas and I've noticed more than usual when checking my underwear at the end of the day. The last thing that's different is that after I pee, I notice that there's a a little extra drip than usual, even after I clean up with toilet paper, the tip of my penis is moist.

Wearing boxers and walking (or any kind of movement really) aggravates it as I think my underwear ends up rubbing the tip of my penis. So I have switched completely to using tight underwear and stopped doing aerobic exercise. None of my symptoms resemble anything like the pictures of herpes or genital warts I have seen online and both the determatologist and urologist I have seen agree and dismissed the possibility of either. I was tested in February for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, and all of the tests came out negative. I also had two urine tests and both came out normal.

The dermatologist I saw first in February recommended soaking my penis in a warm mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate twice a day. It didn't help. The urologist I saw in March prescribed a cream that contains Gentamicin, Betamethasone, & Miconazole, which is supposed to clear up any irritation caused by a yeast or fungus infection. I used that twice a day for a couple weeks but the condition did not get any better and he then told me to stop using it. So basically, now I'm just wearing tight underwear, I don't use any lotion and am careful when washing it with dove soap ensuring that no soap gets into or near my urethra. I'm not having regular sex and when I masturbate do so in a gently manner only a couple times a week. However, I've noticed that the couple times I have had sex since this condition started, my penis was extra sensitive and I ejaculated rather quickly.

Part of me thinks that maybe it is an infection due to bacteria from the girls anus. Another part of me thinks maybe it's purely physical trauma. But I do notice that when I'm tired and have had a late night, the condition worsens which leads me to believe it's tied to the strength of my immune system. But really, this could be all in my head..I don't know.

So, if you've taken the time to read all the way to the end, thank you. I'd really appreciate any ideas on what might be causing this or what I could do in terms of treatment or other tests. Are there other STDs or STIs which could be the culprit that I haven't been tested for? Thanks so much in advance, I'm worried this might never go away.

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by user0555, Apr 12, 2010
I should also mention that the condition is worse at night after a day of walking around and is subsides a bit by the morning. Thanks.
by rmprdl1964, Apr 13, 2010
Hi, from the picture that you have attached I can't see much of a problem. It is possible that the meatus is inflamed from over stimulation. As long as things don't get worse I would see if it resolves on it's own

For further sexual activity make sure that you use a condom, it is not worth the risk going without one.

All the best.

by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Apr 13, 2010
From the symptoms the possibility of urethritis is there. Urethritis is inflammation of the urethra. It can be gonoccocal or non gonoccocal. I would suggest a 24 hrs urine test and a swab culture of the discharge to confirm the diagnosis. Urethritis is diagnosed by urethral swab culture and examination of the swab. Other test useful in diagnosis is digital rectal exam (DRE) to inspect the prostate gland for swelling or infection.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

by user0555, Apr 15, 2010
Thanks to both of you for the advice . Since I was already tested for gonorrhea, I suppose if it is urethritis it's non-gonoccocal, right? If it is urethritis, is there any possibility that it would cure itself with time?

So far, the symptoms are still present with varying degrees of intensity depending on the day. I'll talk to my doctor about a urethral swab culture and a 24 hrs urine test. But I'm also hoping it will go away on its own which is what the urologist suggested might occur when I saw him a couple weeks ago. I ain't gonna lie, the urethra swab doesn't sound like fun.

Thanks again and I'll keep you both posted on any developments.
by NewManOnTheBlock, Apr 20, 2010
         I have been recieving the same symptoms as user055 for the past 5 weeks, yet the clear drainage has stopped after I took azeithromoxyin around week 2 of this occurence.  I have been in a mongomus relationship for almost 6 years and my girlfriend is undyling loyal to me, so there is no chance of other partners or unsafe sex.                                                                                                                                 I still recieve slight irratation, but nothing like the irration I recieved in the first 2 weeks. My shaft would moderately burn and tingle at times, usually at the end of the night.  In the past 2 weeks the symptoms listed by myself and user0555 have subsided greatly.
        I have gotten tested for a UTI, Gonnerha, and Claymidia, and they all resulted in negative test.  The only symptoms that persits now, is some slight discomfort at the tip of my penis when I first put on my underwear and then it will get better as the day progresses, in addition to some bubbling sensation I feel near my bladder, It might just be mental since I am freaking out about this but I just don't know what to do since it's my manhood at stake, and I just don't want to igonore this abnormality  Although, from what I have read from many other post by other men here, the doctors will probably just tell me to ignore it anyway and it would be a wild gose chase, not to mention several hundreds of dollars down the drain to end up where you started...knowing nothing. Hope to hear some positive news from others that can relate to this! Thanks.
by 17Brandon17, Aug 07, 2010
Hi user0555,

I'm experiencing almost word for word what you're experiencing.  For me, it started back in June.  I've been wondering if you've since found what the cause was and if so had the appropriate treatment.  Or, has the issue resolved itself.  I find with me, the longer I go without checking myself and refraining from sexual activity the better I start to feel (though it never completely goes away).  In that sense I'm hopeful, but at the same time it would be nice to know what's wrong rather than having a whole bunch of negative std tests.

any current developments would be much appreciated

by PhillipDenmark, Nov 01, 2010
I am a 23 years old man, living in Denmark, Copenhagen. I hope my English is understandably.

Please read my message about prostatitis, can you tell me, if this is the same symptoms as you had experienced. It dosent sound like real prostatitis symptoms, because i dont have frequent urination and I have this highlighted/swollen penis tip. Most in the morning or after masturbating. (very swollen  )

I would first do my disease process clear to you, then describe the symptoms as those are experienced: I have now for over 1 year had pain comparable, to those described as Chronic pelvic pain/prostatitis. Sometimes it's so unbearable that i just cry like a litle baby girl. I have kept a half year break from my university, because of this disease.

It started by me in a period of very sedentary work, sudden (within 1-2 days) experienced severe pain below the penis (just where the testicles are) and along with the penis (if I pressed on the urethra/"corpus spongiosum") Every time I changed position from seated to lying in bed, to go, do fitness or just touched the area, stood or sat down or crossed my legs it would feel like electric shock was send into the penis, it was crazy (ONLY lasting the seconds it tooks to shift position SO that was like 40-50 times a day) Fortunately eased this pain in its strength, I would say if it was 10 on a scale, it has now assumed a chronic phase I would describe as 3-4. Which has lasted the last 3 month.

Have done cytoscopi, scans of the penis and bladder, 4-5 test for all STDs, over 50 tests for inflammation (have a home kit) and 4 test for inflammation at the doctor (the last 3 month), ALL negative. Been studied by prostate massage. And have a total of 18 visits from 6 doctors, including my brother. Medicine tested: Alfusozin, antibiotics (tetracycline) haven't worked for me.

One of the doctors have recently commented my penis head, which is clearly red and swollen and has been since onset of symptoms. The red and swollen meatus (penis tip) seems not to be related to chronic pelvic pain (or prostatitis) from what I've read, for example from Wise Anderson.

These are my symptoms:

- When I pee, there's a bit irritation inside the urethra. I must "milking" and shaking the penis, 10-20 times, after I urinated. But it is never enough. The urine is still inside the urethra, when I leave the toilet. Sometimes it can be "triggered" when I sit down or move around in different positions. The feeling of urin in my urethra is very unpleasant, maybe one of the worst in my condition.

- My panties are always wet after I have urinated.

- The penis tip is red and clearly highlighted, swollen, (as a red mouth with two lips), sometimes 1 millimeter high.and very sensitive.

- Muscle "spasms" often most marked just below the testicles and the closest to the rectum. The rectum can also sometimes spasm a bit. In fact my penis also spasm like + 20 times a day, when I am sitting and relaxing, it

- Pain during sex along the underside. And when sperm release: Directly unbearable contractions in the muscle below the penis (possibly prostate)

- Reduced urine flow

- Pain along the urethra (the outside of the penis as if it is hyper-sensitive) When I press on the urethra it is making it worse.

- Pain in the ***, inside, as if you have hemorrhoids, or cuts high in the rectum (Well maybe it is prostate?)

- Pain in the penis, largely located everywhere, primarily along the "shaft" and sometimes a throbbing pain in the penis head as I pounded on it with a stone.

- Pain in the penis tip when I hit it but also just generally electrical sensations in the penis tip.

Hope to hear from any of you  

You can send me an E-mail: ***@****

Best regards Phillip
by jackson8, Dec 20, 2010
I penis look like user0555.. If has meatus inflammed problem, how to handle it? Need to see doctor? or has any thing need to do?
by william3334, Feb 17, 2011
Hi there,

I was so pleased when I read over your post because I have literally exactly the same thing as you and it has been driving me insane as I have been trying to work out what could be the problem.
I have gone back to the doctors so many times and at first they kept saying it was an STI and then after having pretty much every single STI test I could possibly have and they all coming back negative the docs just said it could just be how I am going to be from now on.  I first got the problem about a year ago and have had it ever since.
Have you had any progress on your sitation???  Would be great to hear from you!