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Please Help Bladder Problems Driving Me Mad
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Please Help Bladder Problems Driving Me Mad

I have been having bladder pain for months and months now, it feels sort of like cystitis, but it isn't that.Every time I have my urine tested it has blood in it,epith cells, and sometimes protein. My doctor sent me for a bladder and kidney ultrasound scan and that came back o.k so he basically told me the pain must be in my mind! the pain is really bad and I have this sort of burning, full feeling in my vagina. I also have pain in the kidney area. I feel very, very unwell and the only thing I can say it feels like is when I had blood poisoning years ago after childbirth.
The odd thing is it gets much worse when I have been walking, I can be fine in the house then I walk up to the shop, carry a couple of bags of shopping home and I am in absolute agony.I have discovered that if, when I am in agony I lie down, within a couple of hours the pain subsides.
I have been reading various things that can go wrong, and wondered if it might be some sort of fistula? I had a vaginal hysterectomy years ago and also a bladder repair 7 years ago I have had 5 Children. Someone suggested that if it was a fistula and you inserted a tampon for two hours and it was wet, then that could be a sign of a fistula. I did this, and kept it in for two hours, took it out and it was soaking wet, and seemed to be dripping with urine. The only thing is that it says if you have a vaginal/bladder fistula that you would probably be incontinent and leaking urine through your vagina all the time, which I am not. the operation I had on my bladder was to cure incontinence though and I had that tape to hold my bladder up.
I am in so much pain and so confused as to whats wrong with me, but it is ruining my life. I am a single parent with two teenage boys at home to look after and its not fair on them to see their Mum in this state all the time.
Anybody who might have any ideas...please help.
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I understand that this may be hard for you. You have noted of blood and protein in your urine. When was the last time you had your urinalysis? Was a 24 hour urine sample done or a random protein test done to check quantitative urine levels?

Also, when was the hysterectomy done? A significant history of previous surgery and instrumentation may actually require a necessary follow up with your urologist or gynecologist. Blood and protein in the urine need further evaluation especially if this is persistent. Your scans found nothing but if the presence of proteinuria and hematuria persist a cystoscopy may be indicated if all other tests showed within normal results. Also, a hemogram of the red blood cells may indicate the source of the bleed. Kidney inflammation may also present with hematuria.

I do not think this is a fistula. Follow up with your gynecologist also to rule out involvement of gynecologic structures.
This is the thing, the hysterectomy was 10 yrs ago, and the bladder operation was 7 yrs ago, so I can't really go back to the Drs who did the surgery.I was fine until I had the hysterectomy, and then suffered from stress incontinence badly, hence the bladder operation.
I last had urine tested at GP's a week ago, and he found yet again, blood and protein.
I have Lupus and Sjogren's syndrome and my Consultant wanted me to stay in for a 24 hr observation if there was blood or protein once more because there has been frequent blood in my urine,but in the meantime I was sent for the bladder and kidney scan and the next time I went to clinic my usual Doctor was not there and the one I saw said that because the scan was fine, there was no need.He also said there was no need to do a urine sample that day, even though my usual Dr does one routinely every visit.In fact it was an awful visit and the Guy I saw might as well have told me it was all in my mind!
I am feeling so unwell generally, despite the bladder pain and don't know who to turn to.
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