Possible ulcers/marks inside Urethra
by gayboi, Jan 20, 2008
Can you help Please. Since early 2007 i developed a weird sensation inside my penis opening, I went to the doctor who gave me antibiotics tablets for uti infection. After 2 weeks had passed the weird sensation had not passed. I opened the tip of my penis opento reveal a rasied lump with grey/white marks over it to the size of a pin head. this enlarged over a month to the size of 2 pin head, thendied down back to 1 pin head size. In the mean time i visted the STD clinic (twice) and they did all the tests they could, all negative. i explained my syptoms to the clinic who before she looked thought it may be Herpes. When viewed she wasnt sure so she took the viral swab test which was negative. Since this i have been to the doctor on many times who blood tests have been done for inflammation etc. all ok. The pain in the groin comes and goes but the weird sensation is still there most sometimes then others. often when i urinate its very cloudy and steady slow but not fast, other times the urine is strong  but clear (i know i dont drink enough). The urolgist had checked and said we will look inside the bladder to see any problems. but he says the lumps are fine, of which i said they never used to be there and have this weird sensation. I think that is may be herpes as the syptoms seems to be spot on or would you say its something else ?  The urologist may though it could be a kidney stones that may of passed.  But would Herpes ulcers/blister inside stay there for months with weird sensations throughout the day ? It seems that none of the Doctors can say yes to one thing its nearly a 12 month.
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 20, 2008

It may be difficult to ascertain what it is through a verbal communication. Some lesions may be difficult to identify. I suggest you seek consult with a dermatologist.Some lesions may be readily identified through visual inspection. A dermatologist may be able to help identify lesions that may otherwise be overlooked or ignored.

Keep us posted regarding your progress. Bring your previous results with you so that your physician may be able to correlate his/her findings with the physical assessment.

Good Luck!
by gayboi, Jan 22, 2008
Thank you for your comments made me feel a bit better knowing someone has taken the time to answer my concern.  I thought i will visit the STD clinic one more time for a check up with a different doctor, he said 95% sure its not Herpes and is something else that may be causing inflammation.  So now waiting to see the specialist for the x-rays.
by gayboi, Feb 05, 2008
Had the X-rays done seems to be fine. the Ulcers in penis tip seemed to go down which was good, but a red mark around the opening was tender like a burn mark from an oven without the intense pain.  Looked inside again and the ulcer things have raised yet once again. so went to the clinic a further time, where the Dr checked and said you dont get Herpes inside the urethra, but checking websites this is not the case. The clinic seemed to think i dont drink enough, but im not so sure. The urologist says it looks fine, but i know my own body and a get this weird feeling and twinges allday even when im busy thinking about other things. I am running out of answers and mental stress. Any suggestions anyone ?
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Feb 06, 2008

Was a cystoscopy done? Any diagnostic test done to directly visualize the urethra?

Any history of a genital wart ? You have mentioned that some viral tests were done .What were they?

Have you visited a dermatologist?

I know this is frustrating .Do keep us posted.
by gayboi, Feb 06, 2008
Had no genital warts. Viral tests were for HIV & Herpes, but the clinic did say the virus is very weak and can die before hitting the labs for testing.  The Dr wont fw to dermatologist as still under urologist consultant. Awaitng the test for Cystosopy. but i dont think that will tell them any more. .
by gayboi, Feb 10, 2008
I recently read on an another website which the syptoms are very similar and wondered if this was the case, here is what they wrote from the Dr. "Common cause of these complaints is an inflammation of the prostate gland, so called prostatitis"  It has Flarred up again and is weird feeling with lumps/ulcers inside the tip again. Any suggestions ? as not getting anywhere with the Medical over Here
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Feb 11, 2008

The change in your urinary character as you have metioned in your initial post may be explained by prostatitis. Pain of prostatitis may be felt  on physical examination during prostate palpation. There is tenderness over the area. This may involve pain in ejaculation and urination and even decrease in urine flow. Culture of prostatic secretions may help determine if prostatic infection is present. At this point however, if prostatitis is a main differential, it may not outrightly explain the lesions.

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome or prostatodynia may present with groin pain but there is no evidence of intense inflammation or swelling.
by gayboi, Feb 29, 2008
Well a further update, been to see the clinic and now they think it could be psoriasis on the penis. Im still not sure this is the case I have now used the cream to clense the skin and oilatum for the bath water. but it still has not made any difference. Its still red & shinny around the opening and a little raised including the Y piece at the back of the opening. Any suggestions of any thing else it could be that could cause this.  Oo i forget to say it feels fine sometimes and then burning shooting pain mildish but can be after a wee and last for 20mins or more. or if i need a wee it seems to flare up, so wondering if there is anything further down (doc says the prostrate is not enlarged). I didnt know so much could go wrong down there. Could my urine cause this pain or the pressure in bladder radiating to the tip ?
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Feb 29, 2008

You haven't mentioned of any similar lesions in the body?

You have been assessed rather completely and your physicians have excluded most differentials like STD's and UTI.

I suggest you seek consult with a dermatologist to have this lesion thoroughly assessed.If this indeed a psoriasis, then this may be psoriatic balanitis.Your dermatologist may be able to provide an assessment after a thorough physical examination.

An eczema or allergic reaction may be one of the differentials.