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Problems regarding sexual activity [Only soloe] - Urology
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Problems regarding sexual activity [Only soloe] - Urology


In the past two years I am having a lot of pain and discomfort specially when practicing sexual activity (Only solo), I will try my best to describe the problem,any questions or details I will be very glad to answer,

I am a 21.6 years old usually a healthy male,

**Here are the complaints:

1- I feel that my stomach doesn't process food,it make noises and water sound,burn sensation,specially the area above my right testicle,combined with green(and , or) smooth stool similar to water (harder 3-4 times)

2-My penis and testicle feel empty,meaning that
I feel that area is stuck & burn,in the right testicle I feel very often that there is a vain that not working smoothly,gives my a feeling that I want to rip my testicle [not sharp pain],my penis as mentioned before feels empty and when forcing my self to move it (without using my hand) I feel the anal area is also affected

3-I feel all my bones,in all of my body hurt real bad and burn,I feel difficulty to release gas&fart,if I force myself to fart I feel pain in the penis testicle area,when releasing gas from stomach I hear the water sounds

4-When I ejaculate all of the above pain increases,I don't find any pleasure,I feel like just another thing that I did,The amount of semen compared to that in the last two years is very little and I feel that I can't get it all out

5-difficulty in Yawn and breathing,very short breath,this and gas&farting releasing becomes less noticeable when I push my stomach in

6- sneezing comes later

7-Most of the time I smell like semen

**Things that help let the pain decrease:

1-Bending my knees

2-cracking my back and different bones in my body

3-squeezing my back and chest[for example with a towel]

4-releasing gas from stomach & farting

5-Sleep [helps  little,mostly the pain remain]

6-After applying the above I start feeling "pleasure" in my body an as if I just finished masturbating

**Known Health issues:

1-I had testicle torsion,my left testicle was cut,my right testicle is fixed,I complained about pain similar to that in the left testicle two weeks after I went back home,they found nothing

2-after I went back home,the first time I masturbated a blood came out with semen,in the meeting with the doctor [they do a meeting one moth after the surgery],I didn't tell the doctor about what happened but he said that everything is alright,the blood only came out once.

3-I had issues to urinate and release semen,it used to be colored yellow,that does not happen anymore

4-Throid gland dysfunction only that affected by high Calcium levels,

5-need for sleep and Yawn a lot

So what is wrong with me,How I get rid of these pains and feel pleasure time when masturbating and release all of the semen[If really it doesn't get all out,because I am a type of person that is very sexually active (only solo)]

**After you conclude results,how should I explain this to my doctor ?

**I will add more details as much of I could remember,

Thank you very much in advance
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Pain during ejaculation is related to an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. The infective organisms may be located only within the prostate and come into the urethra during ejaculation. If they are not flushed away by urine, they would continue to be present in the urethra and try to grow there causing irritation and pain.

You will need to see your doctor and have a urinalysis done, preferably from a sample collected just after ejaculation.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing

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