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Releived from chronic testicle, groin pain - Success Story
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Releived from chronic testicle, groin pain - Success Story

We keep seeing several posts regularly relating to genital pain particularly in testicle and groin region in one side or both sides.    I was one such affected by this a pain, and finally got relieved from this chronic pain.    I thought putting my success story, and how I got relieved from this pain.   This may help some of you suffering from this pain, purely for information only.   You are advised to follow what your physician says.

Make sure you have cleared all the STD tests/diagnosis before reading my story below.

More than 2 years back, while I was sitting in my office, I started feeling a very mild discomfort on my left testicle.   However, on the very next day, it became much noticeable, and whenever I sit in my seat, I started feeling a dull ache in my left testicle, and in the groin.    The pain manifested gradually, and remained dull and constant.


1. Dull ache in left side testicle and groin, worsens while sitting.
2. Tenderness to touch the left testicle, and the pain was throbbing at times.
3. Some kind of burning / wound / cut (inflammation kind of) feeling beneath the pubic scrotal region.
4. Occasionally pain moves to left abdomen,and the perineum region (between scrotum and rectum).
5. Occasional dull ache in penis base.  
6. Reduced ejaculation.
7. Pain after ejaculation.
8. No visible swelling, Rashes, Lesions, etc not seen anywhere in the entire genital region.
9. No problem with urine frequency.
10.  Pain worsens with physical activity.

Doctors visited:  Visited more than 7 urologists, 5 orthopedics and 3 neurologists.


1. STD Tests - None was found.  Though I'm monogamous and married,  to rule out all the possibilities, I did take these tests to get peace of mind.
All the reports showed normal for Genital Herpes, Syphillis (syphilis), Gonnorhea (Gonorrhea), etc.

2. Semen and Urine culture did not find anything wrong, and there was no growth.    Blood tests also came out normal.

3. Prostate scan - Normal size.  There is no swelling.

4. When I took MRI as asked by the spine speciality, it appeared everything normal again, other than a mild disc bulge.

The urologists said I don't have any STDs causing my symptoms, no prostatitis or epididymitis, and the neurologists as well said there is no nerve impingement causing this pain.


Despite not diagnosed for the pain, my urologists prescribed and asked me to try the following medications one after the other.   However, none of these had an effect, and I was continued to suffer from this pain.

1. Doxycycline - No effect for my pain
2. Ciprofloxacin - No effect for my pain
3. Levofloxacin - No effect for my pain
4. Hetrazan - No effect for my pain
5. Forcan - No effect for my pain

In addition to the above, I was prescribed with pain killers and tranquilizer to calm down my mind.  I was extremely annoyed when the pain persisted after taking all the medications regularly without missing not even a single day.

How I got out of this pain?

As my urologists and neurologists were unable to diagnose the exact problem,  I visited an orthopedic, who said what I'm having is Myofascial pain/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)/or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to contious sitting for several hours infront of laptop.  It could possibly neuralgia as well due to injury, or acccidentally rubbing the scrotum hardly.

The myofascial therapy, and the medications prescribed by him had started yielding results, and drammatically the pain subsided.

The doctor said the following are the reasons which caused my testicle and groin pain:
1. My pelvic floor was contracted several years back due to various reasons (emotional, stress, etc), which I realized as true.
2. The burning pain and tenderness on the spermatic chords, epididimis was mainly due to the muscle contraction, poor blood supply which started irritating the nerve causing inflammation and soreness/tenderness to touch.
3. Possibily Neuralgia, due to injury or excessive rubbing might have irritated the nerves.

The following are the treatment I took from the doctor's clinic.

1. Took myotherapy with the physiotherapist in the ortho doctor's clinic for 6 weeks, every day.
2. He broke several bands, and applied trigger point massaging.
3. The myotherapy was very painful initially, and I used to jump and cry with tears due to severe pain.   It is like one step forward is four steps backward.
4. Pelvic floor relaxation - Moment by moment relaxation (every 5 to 10 minutes gap).
5. Stretching exercises for the pelvic floor muscles, that was contracted involuntarily in the past.
6. Yoga, stretches for the pelvis.
7. Gabapentin (Neurontin), Ultracet (Tramadol) and Amitriptyline prescribed by the orthopedic.    He prescribed these medicines which is good for treating chronic pain  especially to "break" and get out of the chronic pain cycle.

The above medicines, and the myotherapy, started working on me, and I slowly got out this pain.   Now I'm 100% pain free.   There is no pain in the testicle or groin.

1. I normally do the stretches given in this link.    The first one is really very effective and dramatic.

2. Read the headache in the pelvis book written by Dr. David Wise.    While reading the book, I thought it was written for me.   It covers a lot on stretching,
paradoxicl relaxation, trigger point therapy, patient stories, etc.

3. Use some ergonomical tools to vibrate and remind you every 20 minutes to wake up and stand while at work place.  I have installed an ergociser tool in the laptop, so it popups every 20 minutes asking to relax.

4. Yoga

5. Hot water sitz - Gives temporary relief.

1. Never try kejal exercise, it will aggravate the pain.
2. Try ejaculating only when there is no pain.   Forceful masturbation strains pelvic muscles.
3. Acupuncture - I tried, absolutely no effect.
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Important:  My above experience was just for the information only.  
As mentioned, your doctor is the best person to diagnose your health condition, and treat you accordingly.   Don't try anything on your own without consulting with your physician.
Wow, this is great to hear. I'm 6 months into a very similar situation, including back pain, pain behind scrotum, etc. Have tried most of the antibiotics you mention, no help. Was recently prescribed Flomax to relax the pelvis. Your solution is very encouraging.  I see my urologist in a week, I will share your findings with him, hopefully this well be of help. Thanks for sharing.
Wow these sound like my symptoms.  I had a building roof fall on me partially a few years ago.   Do you think that could cause this?  Also did you ever have a hard time holding an erection?  I have had stomach pain for quite some time but the testicle scrotum pain is fairly new and that happened about the same time as the erectile issue ( can't maintain)
Erection is most likely related to age.   There are various reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Have you been treated by a neurologist or orthopedic, tested for MRI, EMG, etc and rule out any nerve impingement?

My doctor did say, severe pain in the genitals cause erectile problem, yes, I did have erection problem initially due to pain.  
When the pain reduced, everything returned back, it is normal, though I still handle it with care.  :-)

Have you been completed ruled out of all the STDs?   If there is nothing is diagnosed by urologist, then the next step is to knock the doors of a neurologist, if still undiagnosed, then orthopedic/chiropractors who should be "super good" in treating myofascial/pelvic disorders.
I have been suffering through almost the same symptoms as you for almost 5 years now and find your story very interesting. What is myotherapy and how is it performed?
Have you checked with your doctor(s)?   Have they not diagnosed anything?

It is about releasing trigger points, especially on the sphincter ani, psoas, adductor muscles.   In addition, paradoxical relaxation, breathing, yoga might help.

My physiotherapist was saying that I might have contract the muscles involuntarily for several years,  and started releasing it.
Thanks for the reply, I appreciate your feedback. Regarding STDs, I've had extensive bloodwork done as well as ultrasound imaging, everything came back normal, which is why I am so encouraged by your success. I'm hoping my urologist finds this interesting as well. Thanks again for sharing your story.
Take it easy.   Pelvic floor dysfunction are best treated by Orthopedics/therapists.  
If you have any urinary problem, then it is reasonable to go to urologist.

My urologists when they were unable to treat, finally direct me to a pain management clinic.
I've been to my GP, 2 urologists, a nurologist, proctologist, chiropractor and hernia specialist and no one can pin point anything causing these symptoms. They have tried anti depressants, valium, flomax and they did nothing.
How do they get to these trigger points, from inside or from the outside.
What was the treatment given by your chiropractor?   Have you ever tried trigger point release by therapists?
He did some lower back and hip adjustments. Went for close to 8 months with no improvement. No I havn't tried trigger point release, how does the therapist get to the trigger points in the groin muscles? I have read some things about this but they say that they have to get to the muscles from the inside through the rectom , is this how yours was done or did they do it from the outside? I am going to see a new GP who is a Osteopathic doctor on the 31st.
What is trying to adjust your hips without any MRI, X-Rays showing nothing?
8 months seem to be too long.    

Trigger Points are very painful knots in taut bands of muscle and connective tissue that can produce soreness/tenderness to touch.

On to one of your question where you asked what is myotherapy.  Myo=muscle.    So it is nothing but a muscle therapy.  :-)

The therapist in my cast went inch by inch every day reaching the groin, which was extremely sensitive and painful to touch on the initial days.

Yes, for some they do the therapy through rectum.   For me they did only one opening in the rear.    

I still feel 8 months is a very long to get into deep into your muscles.
This chiropractor I went to felt my left hip may have been out of line and causing some pressure on a nerve but after almost 8 months with no improvement that obviously isnt the case. I strongly believe that what you have said about the muscle being clenched in the pelvis has a lot to do with my pain. I could be in a great mood and not really notice much pain at all but as soon as I get stressed out or lift something fairly heavy or strain on the toilet the pain starts right up. It almost feels at times that my perineum area is clenched like a fist. As I stated before, I have a appt. with a new doctor on the 31st and I am going to talk to him about this theory and see what he has to say.  
8 months is very long without any progress is not good.   At least a little bit (around 30% relief?) of progress we should see in weeks after starting the therapy.

Check my post in your inbox.

Have you heard about TMS (Tension Myolitis Syndrome)?   There are couple of good books written by Dr. John Sarno which is really good.   Google for "TMS + Epididymitis" or "TMS + Prostatitis", you will find several success stories.
For anyone who suffers with this pain, don't be intimated by this chronic pain and succumb to it.   Never give up your hopes.   You will be alright.

Understand and realize that "you are the reason" for "your" pain, and "you" are the one who can fight bravely, and get out of it.

Let me reiterate the steps I followed briefly below.

1. Meet good urologists,  thorough examinations, both physical and diagnostic procedures (TRUS, Scrotal Scan, Cultures, STD Tests, etc, and make sure you come out with all the reports normal, and hear to what your urologist says.

It will be annoying and embarrassing for STD tests, especially to those who are monogamous or sexually not active.   However, bare with it.   It will help your doctors treat you better.

2. If any abnormalities found in the reports,  your urologists will treat you with the routine Doxy, Cipro, etc.    Some urologists still give us these medicines,  you can take it as benefit of doubt or a placebo.   Whatever, if it works, then good and enjoy life, or else goto Step 3.

3. Meet good neurologists/spine specialists, make sure your MRIs, etc comes out clean for any nerve impingement.   If something serious found, your neurologist will treat you.   If he couldn't find anything wrong, then knock the door of pelvic floor specialist/orthopedic/chiropractor to examine your pelvis as in the next step 4.

4.  Get treated for your chronic muscles in the pelvis, trigger point therapy, paradoxical relaxation, etc.   Read good books like headache in pelvis by Dr. Wise.   I started feeling 80% better on this step.

5.  Read about TMS - Tension Myolitis Syndrome.   The 2 very good books written by Dr. John Sarno are "The mindbody prescription" and "The divided mind".    Truly awesome books.  I felt 100% better after reading his books.  There are some good audio speeches by him, google for it.

Some useful links that helped me.

1. http://www.howibeatrsi.com/how-to-cure-tms-tension-myositis-syndrome/
2. http://www.pelvicpainhelp.com/
3. http://www.epididymitis-hell.blogspot.in/
(Read "My symptoms" on the left side as well).
4. http://www.freewebs.com/trydent78/index.htm
5. http://www.prostate-massage-and-health.com/success-stories.html

Patience is a virtue.   As I mentioned you need to fight your pain, and get cured.   Good luck!

Disclaimer:   Your doctor is the best to treat you.  Always get treated with the right doctors.     Some time reading too much of information in the internet is morbid.
Hi the link: http://www.freewebs.com/trydent78/index.htm
No longer works, can you repost?
Thank you so much for sharing.  
This has helped me greatly.
you have my gratitude.
I will go pursue the links
please can you give me the clinic name where you got treated at? i dont know where to go i dont live in usa
Wow… from reading your post it felt like I was reading my own diary (if I kept a diary, lol). I do have a question though. You said that you:

"Took myotherapy with the physiotherapist in the ortho doctor's clinic for 6 weeks, every day."

I don't know about the others on this board, but I for one don't have the time to go to a doctors clinic every day for 6 weeks (I work). How crucial was that towards your success? How often could one realistically go and still reach the same goal of being pain-free as you did?

And the book "Headache in The Pelvis"…how much did that help? Where there exercises or remedies in that book that helped?
Hi all. I've been suffering with the exact same problems as mentioned in the first post since a bike crash I had 6 months ago. I've been to the doctors 3 times, urologist for a scan and most recently the sexual health clinic where I was prescribed 2 weeks worth of erythromycin antibiotics. I've just finished my prescription and it seems to be working. In sat at my desk with minute pain if anything. It's the first time I've had no pain for months. It was driving me crazy as I'm sure it is for many of you on here. I just thought I would post this in case it offered any light at the end of the tunnel. Fingers crossed.
I have been in and out of this pain for years - what this man says is true: YOU are the reason for your pain, and only YOU can stop it.

Not only are stretches and massage needed (most can be done solo), you definitely perpetuate the problem by walking funny/guarding/altering your posture. You need to walk normal, as much as it hurts, walk normal. Normalcy brings back normalcy.

also - beware of constipation!  Constipation is what just brought my symptoms back.

Do your stretches, find a good physical therapist/masseuse and believe in yourself. This is a LIFESTYLE change, this is a life long fight that you must engage in. I'm actually back in pain right now because I've slacked on my stetches and posture, and working on it.
Hi all. I've had the same problems you guys have described. The stretches and PT are really key. Since the trydent site went down, I've compiled the same list of stretches on my web page. I'm not allowed to link it here, but it is in my profile, under my journals. Hopefully it helps!

good luck all

Hi BelievePE,

Thanks for sharing. I have been experiencing the almost same condition as you since mid Nov 2014.

Pinching pain in the left testicle and sometimes left groin area, sometimes when I cough or run I can feel the pain on lower left abdomen area.

1st doctor prescribed with pain killer which does not work, the pain does not go away after 1 week so I see another doctor.
2nd doctor sent me for a ultrasound scan on my testicles. They found a cyst in the left epididymal head. No evidence of cariocele or hydrocele detected.
3rd doctor is a specialist in Urology Dept, he said the cyst is pretty harmless and does not need to be operated. He has given me Gabapentin to take at night, which helps to control the pain. He suspects the pain is nerve related. The med did help to reduce quite an amount of pain.

The pain still exist for now, it comes and go through out the day in lesser amount. I am doing some stretching & exercises on my pelvis areas now. Hoping one day the pain will subside and disappear.

Jason, the left testicle pain sufferer.

I am in the same condition as you was. I am also suffering from this kind of pain as you describe above. My all reports are normal as your's was. I feel very good after reading your story It give a hope that i will be normal again. Sir please help me i 26 year old and i am feeling very low due to my condition. The link of stretching exercise you mention above is not working please help to find those exercise. and i am hoping that those exercise may help me.
I will be very thank full to you.
Sir please help me.. Please provide the exercise link.
Barryba compiled a list of the exercises here: http://www.malepelvicpain.net/exercises/
You can also find the same stretches in Amy Stein's book "Heal Pelvic Pain" as well as a few more.
I have had this issue for two years now and have just started these stretches 3 weeks ago. I have another layer of complexity which is chronically tight and sore adductors and hip flexors which don't seem to heal as well as snapping hip syndrome. I feel like I won't be able to make progress with the testicle and sitting pain until I fix these issues first. Has anyone struggled with this as well?
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