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Renal USS normal but there is reason to suspect kidney malfunction - wh...
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Renal USS normal but there is reason to suspect kidney malfunction - what other tests do I need?

I'm a 31 year old woman. Mother of 3, the youngest of which is 13 months old. During each pregnancy I had "leaky kidneys" - there was protein and sugar in my urine, and my blood protein was low (no gestational diabetes and preeclampsia only in the first pregnancy). I also have a long history of multiple UTI's.

Since my last pregnancy 13 months ago, I had gradually been getting more and more unwell. The usual facial and hand swelling (which lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome), didn't resolve like it had after the previous two pregnancies.

Fast forward 13 months: I have low serum protein, albumin, creatinine, urea, ferritin, and calcium, and have been suffering greatly with the effects of these deficiencies. I'm not sure what my red blood cell count and vitamin D results are, but my endocrinologist want me to have ferrous sulphate and combined calcium with vitamin D3, so I assume they're low too (I haven't started these supplements yet, but have been taking over the counter calcium with vitamin D). I have odema, right loin pain (intermittent for about a year also), and recently I had a cystometrogram for bladder prolapse, before which my urine was tested; I mentioned my urine has been opaque and so they looked carefully at why, and I was told there was a very large amount of calcium oxelate crystals in it, plus some protein also.

This all seems to me, to be very a compelling case for suspecting kidney malfunction, but I have had a renal ultrasound which was "normal". Apart from a 24 hour urine collection, are there any other tests you think my GP/endocrinologist should arrange? I won't see my endocrine specialist until another 2 months, but I can ask to see my doctor this week.

Also, I have had irregular, heavy, long lasting menstrual periods and bad PMS, but my hormone panel seems to have come back with no abnormal results, could the other imbalances have contributed to this?
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