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Saggy or tight
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Saggy or tight

How is the scrotum supposed to be in a 20+ adult? Tight or saggy?

I always tought that a tight scrotum indicates the health of your reproductive system. How low are your testicles supposed to be?

When are the testicles supposed to drop and what does it mean?

As you can see I'm quite confused, thank you for your time in advance.

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The tightness of your scrotum varies according to temperature and sexual excitement. The first stage of puberty in boys involves growth of the scrotum which lowers the testicles. There's an important reason for this.

The ideal temperature for sperm production is about 1 degree cooler than normal body temperature. That's why your testicles are outside the body. If they become too warm a muscle in the spermatic cord relaxes and they hang lower, loosening the scrotal skin. If they become too cool the muscle tightens and pulls them closer to your body for warmth. (This is why they're usually pulled up close when you've been swimming).

So, a tight scrotum doesn't indicate anything about health. Some guys just have more scrotal skin than others.

They "drop" at two points in your life. First, the testicles develop up inside your abdomen before you're born. At some point they descend down through the inguinal canal and end up in the scrotum. (If this doesn't happen it's called an undescended testicle or cryptorchidism).

They stay fairly close to the body until puberty. In the first stage of puberty (Tanner Scale G2) the testicles increase in size and begin to "drop" lower from the body. This is in preparation for sperm production. (The whole temperature thing I talked about). Sometimes this is referred to as "dropping."

The older a guy gets the more he loses elasticity in the scrotal skin so they will almost always hang lower.

Hope I answered your question. If you have any others feel free to post again.
Thanks Paul. Good info there.

Mine have always stayed tight unless I have a fever or otherwise hot from a shower or hot tub.

It's not uncomfortable, just annoying due to the loss of sexual stimulation because of the scrotum being so tight.

Other threads have suggested muscle relaxers such as Flexerel (sp) to help the scrotum relax. Not sure I'd be willing to medicate to reduce the situation.
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