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Scrotum Sagging during night
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Scrotum Sagging during night

Hi, I am 24 yrs old.

Last 2 weeks my scrotum was sagging during night after 6pm normally. Its sag seriously than before only saw two balls hanging in scrotum. The skins of scrotum above the testis just like an empty filling skins. Sometime feels a bit pain when i go touch testis when its sag at night. Also have some feel of tight on lower abdomen. Due to serious sag will cause me hard to erection.

During day time, its normal again. No sagging and no pain no feels of tight on lower abdomen. Due to worries, i went to have a check on nearby Urology GP.
Ultrasound Result shown below:
USG testes:

Both testes have normal homogenous echotexture.
The right testis measures 2.09x2.53x3.41cm
Left testis measures 2.48x2.81x3.76cm
There are no Focal Testicular lesions
There are no Fluid collections in the scrotal sacs
The epididymis is normal bilaterally
There are normal vascular signals in both testes.

No Scrotal or testicular masses
No Hydroceles.

Doctor of urology also done checking by pressuring scrotum testis, he advice me my scrotum and testis is fine without any problem. He also said sag is normal, some people do sag seriously some don't.

But after i went back home, during night ( after 6or7) its sag seriously again. The feels of tight on lower abdomen comes. When its sag so serious at night makes me hard to erection and have sexual with my girlfriend. Only can have sexual at morning.

Can anyone of the expert may advice me why it will only sags seriously at night. And its happen only 2weeks till presently.

Many thanks for the advice.
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Avatar m tn
any person can assisting me?

or is there anyways can lift up sacs ?
Avatar n tn
have you tried sleeping in the cold so the scrotum shrinks.
Avatar m tn
only night will sag...the skin sag untill very long and thin feels.

Even in having sex with my wife yet its also doesnt pulls up.Which cause us a bit problem having sex due to the sag ...

In early morning wakes up or afternoon. It doesnt sag much.

Previously doesnt have such problem and it was happened end of last month.
Even doctor also check with no problem on my scrotum.
But problem is sag during night or after evening seriously and makes my sexual life with my wife a big problem.
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