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Severe lack of feeling in penis
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Severe lack of feeling in penis

  I have little ability to feel sexual stimulation in my penis.  The problem has existed as long as I can remember.  I'm circumcized.  Masturbation usually results in orgasm only half the time, and I usually require 30 minutes or more to reach orgasm.  I have never ejaculated during sexual intercourse or while having oral sex, and usually do so only have lengthy masturbation during sex.  Sometimes, I don't have any orgasm no matter how much I masturbate.
  I just don't feel a thing down there.  It's ruining my sex life and has me worried.
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Dear Eddie,
It is difficult to answer your question because a physical exam in this situation is extremely important.  I will give you some general sensory information an where in the spinal cord  sensation is distributed from.  A good history such as are you diabetic or have you had syphilis in the past may be important to know.
Patterns of sensation  and sensory loss are important to understand and evaluate because they often follow a segmental distribution.  Therefore a thorough sensory examination (pain, temperature, and touch) might help a doctor localize a lesion in the spinal cord or in the peripheral  part of the body.  For instance, the anterior scrotum is supplied by the thoracolumbar  spinal cord( high in your back)while the posterior scrotum is supplied by the sacral roots(low in your back).  This would be important to know, particularly if you had any trauma to your back, your perineum or your genital area.
Sensation and an intact functioning spinal cord can also be assessed by evaluating reflexes. A normal Bulbocavernosal reflex involving the contraction of the anal sphincter when the glands or head of the penis is squeezed would indicate that the primary area for sexual stimulation  and orgasm is intact (Sacral level 2-4)
The inervation to the penis is both autonomic and somatic.  This means that both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are involved.  These two systems work together to develop an erection, and reach orgasm.  The sensory nerves themselves, originate in the skin of the penis, glans (glands), and urethra.  The nerve fibers from all of these areas join together and converge to form the dorsal nerve of the penis which later becomes the pudendal.
I know this is a lot of specific information and may not make a lot of sense to you, but in reality, you need to see a doctor who can evaluate your genitals and inguinal area.  A good physical exam is the most important part of your evaluation at this point in time.  I wish you luck!
This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.  More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its satellites (1 800 653-6568).

My boyfriend has this same problem and a dr has already performed an mri to check his spinal cord and everything checked out ok and 2 doctors are totally stumped...any ideas??? This is killing him, as we want to have kids but fearing we may never have them
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