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Sharp Pain Between Testicles and Rectum
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Sharp Pain Between Testicles and Rectum


A bit before Christmas I drank a Red Bull. After a few sips I noticed it tasted a bit weird, but I figured it was because I had brushed my teeth a while ago (yeah, doesn't make sense to drink RB after brushing teeth I know), although the tooth paste taste had definately disappeared, but I thought it was normal.
Maybe 15-20min after drinking the whole 250ml can I started to feel dizzy and a while after that I felt tired, then I started to get some weird sharp pains in my bladder region and between my testicles and rectum, and also near the rectum itself. These weren't that severe, basicly like a bunch of needles being pricked all at once, and they lasted for a few minutes at a time, also depending on how I moved my body.
I decided I should hydrate and get whatever was in me out ASAP, and it actually made things a bit better. After resting and hydrating, and peeing alot, things were back to normal ... or so I thought.

I've been having those same sharp needle pricking pains in my bladder region when I urinate, and between my testicles and rectum when I fart, and sometimes they occur if there's lots of processed urine in my bladder, but stop if I get rid of it (urinate). I'd say they occur in 1 of 4 or 5 urinations, and less frequently if it's just excess water passing through. Same thing goes for the pains that occur when flatulence, about 1 in 5. And there's been some days now, when the pains don't occur at all, it seems like it's almost literally every other day.

I had one day when the pains were a bit worse, and I had this feverish feeling the whole day. But it passed. I don't know if it's even related, but other than that, no other symptoms. No blood in urine or anything like that.

To sum it up:

- Pains are sharp like a few needle pricks, not severe, and last for maybe 1-3 seconds. In rare occasions maybe around 5-7 secs.
- Occur in bladder region and a bit between the testees and rectum when urinating or if there's lots of urine in the bladder, but less frequently if it's just water (clear urine).
- Occur between testees and rectum when farting, more stronger around rectum at that point obviously. This type of pain may sometimes occur at random, and lasts for 1-3 secs.
- Been going on ever since 23.12.2008
- Normal occurance during this period, maybe 2-5 times a day, sometimes only once. But almost everyday nevertheless.
- Pain is more frequent and lasting if dehydrated.
- Pain that occurs while urinating can be prevented by controlling urine flow, and slowing it down.
- Otherwise I feel normal.

I've been taking a look online and the symptoms seem very similar to some sort of nonbacterial prostatitis, or then there might be some heavy element stuck in my kidney tubes, or something like that. Anyway, I'm going to see a doctor soon to get this checked out, but I would like an pre-second opinion first if possible.



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have the prostate checked,,,that pain will be in your taint,,,just like you got.
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Same thing being happening to me. I'm up to a colonoscopy to see what's wrong! I end up going to the ER since the sharp pain in my rectum was crazy to the point I jumped from anywhere or either had to stop anything I was doing at the time. Doctor at the hospital gave me some Laxitive ( concentrate fiber ) which sent me to the bathroom more frequent; However, now when I try to pee, I feel like my rectum contract or try to close itself and it does hurt a bit. I really don't know what's wrong with my body or why this is happening. But what I can say it's that the pain has decreased somehow, apparently my intestines were clogging up with stools and the bowel movement was not enough compare with I was intaking. You should get yourself some Laxitive so your system could get clean up. I'll be having a colonoscopy to see what is the reason of the pain... However, if anything I'll keep you posted.
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