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Sore Testicles

Hi There

I've had a painful left testicle for around 8 years. It tends to get agitated and inflamed shortly after or during times when I've been sexual active more often than usual. My right testicle can get a little sore too and almost comes out in symathy. This has been treated several times over the years as Epididymo Orchitis. However, due to the pain not having been completely taken away with the antibiotics I've taken over the years, it is difficult to ascertain whether my problem actually was an infection or if it diminished as a coincidence. Ever since the problem arose in 2000, I have had to be very careful when handling this area whilst bathing in the shower etc and I have had to make my girlfriends aware that thay cannot go near this part of me as any agitation just causes pain with a gentle tap causing pain on a scale some would associate with a kick to the area. I sought medical attention for this pain initially when it first happened in 2000 and again once or twice since this time when it has flared up enough to worry me.

I've been ultrasounded twice in the last eight years with the last time being in 2004. Nothing untoward was ever found in either testicle with the consensus that I had healthy testicles. My prostate has also been examined with nothing untoward being noted.The urologist I seen last ni 2004 didn't think that infection was ever to blame and prescribed Diclofenac (Nsaid) and basically said that some men have sore testicles and that's that and advised me to manage my intermittent condition with the anti-inflamatories and rest.

I tend to forget about the conditin when sexually aroused. Sexual arousal and sexual activity has always tended to almost block any of the pain and provide a little respite from the condition whenever flared up.

Now to the present:

Although I have been managing the above condition, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse.

I began learning to play drums a month ago. Within a day or two (2 hours drumming each day) I began to develop sciatic pain in my legs and feet most likely due to the drum stool impinging on my sciatic nerve. I know this was definitely sciatic pain because I sought medical advice for this before. The culprit turned out to be a poorly designed computer chair I had at the time.

Anyway, back to the present. I lowered my drum stool and this problem disappeared as quickly as it arrived. However, I began to notice numbness/pain in my testicles accompanied with what can only be described as loin pain from the frontal hip area stretching down to the sides of each testicle in the groin area. I normally got this a little while after I stopped playing drums each time. It got so bad eventually that the pain was then stretching over to the following day and to the following evening when I would be playing again. I just thought this was the usual flare up in my testicles but I quickly become aware that this was characteristically different from the normal problem I had. It did not occur to me that it may be my drum playing due there not having been a clear occurance of an injury event whilst playing. It's almost like the whole painful testicles thing has crept up on me my whilst still engaging in the thing that may have caused it. Once I realised that it may have been the drums that were to blame, I stopped playing them. In fact, all together I think I may have merely played drums for say 7 days at 2 hours per time. Not that much really. I think it is the kick/bass drum pedal impact shock that is the culprit here and that this may be causing a small degree of shock to be caused to the testicles slowly but surely.

Although I stopped drumming over 2 weeks ago as soon as I figured that my playing could have been responsible for the plain, I still in pain to this day two weeks on. I just can't seem to shake it off. My GP has tried me on Ofloxacin again and is wishing to treat it as Epididymo Orchitis again before moving on to other areas of investigation due to my left testicle feeling hotter then my right. One week down the line on the antibiotics, I am just as sore as I was before starting them. Even walking and sitting seems to be agitating the condition with it feeling as though my left testicle is swollen almost causing me to limp at times. However, on examination of the testicles they don't feel particularly swollen and feel normal. I will be going back to the Doctors next week to get seen again next week as life is just no fun with this pain.

Sometimes I get rid of it lying down, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I have it while witting and walking, sometimes I don't have it. It just comes and goes. I've had it for 4 hours this evening. I've tried wearing briefs and boxer shorts with varied results wearing each. I tend to be okay whilst asleep and when I arise in the mornings with it tending to come on as I'm physically active - walking etc.

Is my problem typical of a Urological condition or could it be muscular? Or, is it difficult to say?

I've been trawling the internet for various related topics where people with similar problems have come up with lots of theories such as:

- Groin Strain
- Epidiymo Orchitis
- Sciatic Disturbances
- Testicular Torsion
- Prostatitis

Do any people reading this have any similar issues or are there any health professionals who have an opinion as to what may be going on with me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards

Hi, I know it's been a long time since your post, but I was wondering if you had any help with your problem.  I have been playing drums for over a year now but have recently started having the same problem.  I have had this problem before from riding a bike but it went away for a few years and now it's coming back.  A few years ago when I had this problem I had an ultrasound and nothing was found and as I said the problem just want away on it's own.  Please let me know if you've had any success with finding a treatment. Thanks
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