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TTC- Husband has a 1T-level
I do not know much about male problems seeing as how I am a woman, but my husband was told this morning after our Reproductive Endo. did a blood sample that his T-level was a 1. We are trying for our first child and before she would do any treatment of his T-level she said we would have to go through a whole IVF procedure. That procedure is thousands of dollars which we would like to not spend if we don't have to.

Can you please explain why there is not another option for treatment of his low T-levels. She said the studies have shown to make the worse instead of better. I am at my wits end... any information about this would be helpful. He did have a SA done which showed alot of white blood cells, she has put on an antibiotic for that and then also given him a pill that is supposed to increase his sperm count (which was 2%). but she did all of that before she received the blood analysis.

Thank you for your time, thoughts, and help
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