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Testicle attached to scrotum
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Testicle attached to scrotum

I had a Right Inguinal hernia repair and exploration of right scrotum on Christmas day, it was first suspected to be a contorted testicle. the swelling has gone down enough now to notice for sure that the right testicle is attached to the scrotum in a high and forward position. sex is now completely out of the question because it is being crushed every time i thrust, my partner and i have tried every position we know and 80% of them result in it being in the way. What can be done to release it? I would rather be without it than have an appalling sex life if thats the only way to go. It's like being kneed in the nuts every time i thrust. I am 34 and very fit, was back at work within 8 days rather than the 8 weeks the doctor wanted to sign me off for.
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I first experienced something simmilar to what you have when I had surgery to have a hematoma of the left hemiscrotum removed. After things seemed like it had healed, I had a constant problem with the testicle being fixed in the scrotum. I worked as a heavy duty mechanic and during movement often had a sensation of someone squeezing that area.
About a year later I went for a review with a urologist and compalined about the problem. He told me that if he was to do surgery on it I had the risk of loosing the testicle.
About 3 weeks later I ended up with a major infection of the left testicle and underwent surgery to have it removed.

In 2006 I ended up with an inguinal incarcerated hernia on the right side. Speaking with the surgeon prior to the surgery, he told me that I had to be prepaired for the chance of the right remaining testicle being involved. I strongly let him know that I did not want to have surgery if it posed a risk to my remaining testicle and I did not sign a conscent.
Because the hernia had become life threatening he told me that he would have a urologist present. When I woke up, I was told that they had saved the testicle.

After the surgery which was repaired using mesh,  the right remaining testicle seems to sit highly fixed in the scrotum. At times it looks like I don't have any testicles. The problem that I again have now is that at times the testicle gets trapped and it causes pain. I will live with it the way it is because I was told that it was a difficult repair and that a hernia might develope again.

My advice is to try and live with it. If it really becomes a severe problem with pain, then you would have to consider another surgery that may not give you the wanted result either. Surgery does pose the risk of loosing the testicle. Some times when pain is severe it is the only option. Even with the removal of one testicle, like in my case with the left, I at times experience pain as if it is still there. Most of the time things are OK and life with only one testicle is not as bad as one may think. You can function just fine with only one testicle. In my case I use testosterone injections due to low levels. This most likely is due to the fact that my right testicle did not descend untill I was about 13.

I hope that you will not end up loosing a testicle, but if it was to happen there is a forum about orchiectomies and the men that have experienced it.

All the best,

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Thankyou for you answer, I feel for you, and thankyou for your support.

I noticed I missed out the part where I told the urologist there was no way I would let them attach the testicle to the scrotum because I knew 2 people who had it done and they complained it was fixed in the wrong place.

You can imagine how mad I was to find they had done it anyway.

have been to the hospital again about it, they have done every thing to talk me out of it, due to chances of it reattaching afterwards due to the cutting needed to release it.
1, I can only keep telling them how they never had my permission to do it in the first place.
2, even if they had my permission, I'd still be back because the have put it right in the way ( clearly they forgot what this stuff is used for )
3, I and my partner wont put up with a CR*P sex life because a surgeon did something they wern't allowed to do.

The consultant says the NHS wont do a reversal on this kind of surgery. I have told him the only chance of avoiding me sueing the hospital is to put the testical back to where it came from and most certainly unattached. Failing that then he can pay up cash compensation for malpractice and be ordered by courts to do the reversal.

I am now waiting to hear the hospitals reply
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You have to keep in mind that if you go through surgery to have the testicle freed, there is a high chance that you can loose the testicle due to several reasons.
Skill of the surgeon, urologist, bleeding hematoma and infection.

If you are prepared for the possibility of loosing the testicle, by all means try it. It is highly anoying to having the testicle pinched because it no longer moves freely.

You might also have a urologist who is unwilling to preform surgery just to safe their *** if I can be that bold.

With my urological problems I was under the impression that the urologist would perform surgery if all other trials had not worked out. I'm very disappointed that he id not tell me up front that a surgical repair was out of the question. I had a much better patient to doctor relationship with the urologist who referred me to this one. He sent me there because this man is a urologist who specializes in reconstruction.

I remember a previous family doctor telling me that the skill of the surgeon plays a very big part. Because I was in so much pain with the infected testicle that I asked him to have me transferred to a hospital in a smaller city. I even told him that he had his butcher's license and asked if he could remove it. His reply to me was that most farmers in a small town are used to castrating cattle. Is that what I wanted, or did I want the best chance possible.

My experience has been that the so called specialist think very high of themselves and are easily offended. In that case they will discharge you from their practice and then you are left with no help at all.

I'm now stuck with a suprapubic catheter, most likely for the rest of my life. It was to be a temporary solution. I have contacted the urlogist again about  other options, but my letter has been ignored. It is aspecially disappointing since the last time that my wife and I consulted with him, I told him that I would consider things. If I felt like an alternative surgery would it be OK for me to approach him about it. He told me yes, but has shown that he is not wanting to deal with me by ignoring my letter.
All I got left now is for my family doctor to refer me to a fresh urologist who does not know about my case. The problem is that I will have to travel a long distance to do so. I canno longer drive so my wife and family would have to travel with me. Than there is the problem that there will be multiple appointments to come up with a care plan.

I put very little faith in the so called specialists. The general practioners have a much more difficult task being a mediator between the patient and specialist. I admire the GP's for doing this often thankless task.

God bless,

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I've had a surgery called hydroceletomy 2 weeks ago. i still have a swelling of the testicle as compared to the other one, so it might be it, but I i fear that it is somehow attached to the side of my scrotum. When I tried masturbation i felt that i couldn't perform it the usual way, i'd hit the ball sitting high with my hand. I really hope its not attached and will get better after the swelling is gone, but anyway i wanted to ask you how did you do yourself? Did you get treatment for that? what was it? Thanks, Jack.
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I'm so glad I have just come across your post.
My son is going through the exact same problems.
5 years ago he had torsion of his left testicle and had an operation to fix both testicles in place. That operation went fine.
3-4 months ago we went back to A&E as he was suffering with left testicle pain.
Thought he would be scanned to make sure it hadn't twisted again (even though they are both fixed in place).
It was a Saturday evening and the scanner had gone home and there was no one who could operate the scanner.
The surgeon couldn't say if it would be open the following day (Sunday) and so he wanted to do exploratory surgery !
He would have to cut the scar tissue away from the old surgery to be able to check if it was torsioned and then re-sew back in place.
This really upset me and I asked about ten times if any thing else could be done to avoid the surgery or to check if it had definitely twisted.
He said there wasn't and even if the scanner was available it doesn't always show whats going on inside (which I didn't believe).
I was extremely upset and worried which I think scared him and so he left it up to my son to decide but said over and over that if we leave it and it turns out to be twisted he would have to have the surgery anyway and then have it removed.
After phone calls to family members and going over and over in our heads what to do my son decided to have the operation.
Apart from almost dying under the anesthetic and now nearly 4 months later, it is now certain that they have stitched the testicle in the wrong place. They only re-sewed the left testicle.
The right testicle is in a perfect central position and the left is now misshapen and sewn high and to the front of the scrotum.
He is in constant pain.
Still can't walk properly (has to walk with legs apart).
Has to sit down to urinate as the pain is too much when his penis touches the testicle.
Has not been able to exercise and has put on over a stone in weight.
Cannot lay on his side or with knees bent.  Has to lay on his back with legs apart.
They made two incisions, a central one and another where the testicle is high up and the scar on this one is puckered and the skin is folded over with a gap in the middle.
This is taking over my whole daily thoughts and is so upsetting, apart from my son who is actually living through this.
We have been back to our G.P 3 times now trying to find out what we should do next as it is obvious something has been done wrong,
But there was no follow up appointment made with the G.P or surgeon anyway.
The first time he had the surgery there was.
So, Tomorrow I have to ring a lady at the doctors and she is going to write to the surgeon asking for an appointment to see him.
I haven't a clue what he is going to say or how long this appointment is going to take to arrive.
But one thing is for sure that he is NO WAY operating on my son again.
I want the top testicle surgeon in the country.
I am even thinking of paying to go private as I do not want to risk him losing the testicle.
I even read on the NHS website that it takes 2 weeks to recover from testicle removal and he is still in great pain 4 months down the line from just a few stitches.
If I have to I will pay to go private, even though it will be a huge struggle to find the money and even then it's a worry knowing if the surgeon is any good.
I wanted to ask how you got on with your surgeon.
If he agreed to do the surgery again.
If they stitched it in the correct place.
Or if you ended up suing them ?
How is your testicle /pain now.
Hope you manage to get this message or if anyone else has been through the same thing.
I would appreciate any replys.
My son is 20 btw and we never did get a reason as to why he had the pain in the first place.
They said it was inconclusive and that there was slight swelling.
Incase anyone is wondering if my son has actually shown me his privates, he hasn't, he has just described to me the scar and where the testicle is positioned.

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