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Testicle sewn to scrotum
My son is going through tesitcle pain and discomfort.
5 years ago he had torsion of his left testicle and had an operation to fix both testicles in place. That operation went fine.
3-4 months ago we went back to A&E as he was suffering with left testicle pain.
Thought he would be scanned to make sure it hadn't twisted again (even though they are both fixed in place).
It was a Saturday evening and the scanner lady had gone home and there was no one else who could operate the machine.
The surgeon couldn't say if it would be open the following day (Sunday) and so he wanted to do exploratory surgery !
He would have to cut the scar tissue away from the old surgery to be able to check if it was torsioned and then re-sew back in place.
This really upset me and I asked about ten times if any thing else could be done to avoid the surgery or to check if it had definitely twisted.
He said there wasn't and even if the scanner was available it doesn't always show whats going on inside (which I didn't believe).
I was extremely upset and worried which I think scared him and so he left it up to my son to decide but said over and over that if we leave it and it turns out to be twisted he would have to have the surgery anyway and then have it removed.
After phone calls to family members and going over and over in our heads what to do my son decided to have the operation.
Apart from almost dying under the anesthetic and now nearly 4 months later, it is now certain that they have stitched the testicle in the wrong place. They only re-sewed the left testicle.
The right testicle is in a perfect central position and the left is now misshapen and sewn high and to the front of the scrotum.
He is in constant pain.
Still can't walk properly (has to walk with legs apart).
Has to sit down to urinate as the pain is too much when his penis touches the testicle.
Has not been able to exercise and has put on over a stone in weight.
Cannot lay on his side or with knees bent.  Has to lay on his back with legs apart.
They made two incisions, a central one and another where the testicle is high up and the scar on this one is puckered and the skin is folded over with a gap in the middle.
This is taking over my whole daily thoughts and is so upsetting, apart from my son who is actually living through this.
We have been back to our G.P 3 times now trying to find out what we should do next as it is obvious something has been done wrong,
But there was no follow up appointment made with the G.P or surgeon anyway.
The first time he had the surgery there was.
So, Tomorrow I have to ring a lady at the doctors and she is going to write to the surgeon asking for an appointment to see him.
I haven't a clue what he is going to say or how long this appointment is going to take to arrive.
But one thing is for sure that he is NO WAY operating on my son again.
I want the top testicle surgeon in the country.
I am even thinking of paying to go private as I do not want to risk him losing the testicle.
I even read on the NHS website that it takes 2 weeks to recover from testicle removal and he is still in great pain 4 months down the line from just a few stitches.
If I have to I will pay to go private, even though it will be a huge struggle to find the money and even then it's a worry knowing if the surgeon is any good.
I wanted to ask any urologists out there if they can recommend what we should do next.
If they think it is normal to sew the testicle so tight that it will not move freely AT ALL.
If they think it has been stitched in the correct place.
If the testicle will eventually relax and have a bit of movement.
If the testicle will eventually stop being so painful and sensitive.
If it was possible for the surgeon to insert a tiny camera first to see if it had torsioned before cutting open completely.  
And if it is possible to ask for the same surgeon that operated on my son 5 years ago (NHS), that's if he is still working at the hospital.
Hope someone manages to get this message or if anyone else has been through the same thing.
I would appreciate any replys.
My son is 20 btw and we never did get a reason as to why he had the pain in the first place.
They said it was inconclusive and that there was slight swelling.
Incase anyone is wondering if my son has actually shown me his privates, he hasn't, he has just described to me the scar and where the testicle is positioned.

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Hi Carla,

It sounds like your son has had a terrible experience. I think it effects us moms just about as much. I'm sorry for these terrible outcomes. My heart goes out to you.

I don't know how the insurance words in your country but I would certainly ask for a different surgeon than the last one. Something apparently went wrong post-op or the surgeon had a very bad day.

I wish you and your son the best.

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