Testicular Pain and Enlarged vein of Penis
by ns46115, Oct 16, 2009
Started having left testicular pain. This pain would  radiate around penis area and on to penis. Now I noticed a enlarged vein on the left side of penis shaft near the base. This vein doesn't seem to go away, it is even there without having an erection. There are also smaller veins around this bigger vein that also seem to be enlarged all the time. I have a feeling that these veins could be causing all the pain.Could this possibly be a varicocele or something else. And what kind of tests would help the doctors find out whats wrong? Also near the head of the penis I noticed a sort of small bump that gets large when having an erection only.
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by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Oct 16, 2009
You could possibly be suffering form varicose veins. They are much more common on the left side as the left testicular vein drains straight into left kidney vein and the blood has to travel a great distance against gravity increasing the propensity of varicose veins. However, to confirm the same a physical examination is a must. A color Doppler can also be used for the confirmation of diagnosis. However, in varicocele the swelling of veins of the penis usually doesn’t occur. I’ll suggest you to consult a surgeon or urologist for the confirmation. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
by ns46115, Oct 22, 2009
Hi, I'm ns46115 and so if i do have a varicocele  how would it be treated..... would it need surgery.....and whats the recovery time for sugery???

Thank You.
by rjm252, Dec 21, 2009
Just wondering if you have discovered the cause of and/or possible treatment of your symptons?  I recently have had a very similar change in the appearance of my penis.  Within the span of a few days i went from having no visible veins on my penis wether flaccid or erect to visible red-purplish veins on the penis when flaccid and very visible when erect.  What concerns me most is the very rapid change in the appearance of my penis.  I do seem to have a slight ache on the left side of the base of my penis which seems to be the area that most of these veins originate from although the pain is in no way unbearable or painful, I am just aware of its presence.  Any words you have would be appreciated.
by kg24664, Jan 24, 2010
Hey buddy,
names ken im 20 yrs old. Im having pain thoughout my left side but i cant pin point it. i also have a bulging vein on the top left side of my shaft that extends from the base to right before the head. Im very worried and was wondering if you found anymore info about your problem. im also considernd about what   (Bhupinder Kaur, MD) said about the varicose vein and how its conected to the left testical and the left kidney, becasue i seem to have pain from all these spots.....if you or Mr. Bhupinder Kaur can give me a suggestion or opinon, i would be very greatful. thank you
by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Jan 26, 2010
There are two options of the treatment of varicocele. One is by varicocele embolization in which a tube is inserted through the femoral vein and a coil is placed in the feeding vein of the varicocele and this result in the stoppage of the blood supply to the varicocele and it heals. The other procedure is by open surgery in which it may take some time for the healing to occur compared to embolization. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.