The inside of my penis head hurts when I urinate
by Lukin79, Jul 23, 2008
I woke up this morning, and went to the bathroom like I do every day. Only today, I was awakened by a severe and painful feeling right near the opening of my penis as I urinated. Once stopped the pain went away. In the afternoon, it happened again. It hurts really bad when I pee right near the opening of the head.
I was wondering if this might be a UTI of some sort? I have no idea, my sexual exploits have been monogamous for a good 6 months and this has never happened before.
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by Dr SantosBlank, Jul 23, 2008

Are there other signs or symptoms present?  Painful urination or dysuria  can be caused by any of the following: a bladder or urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, yeast infection, kidney or bladder stones or even sensitivity to certain soaps or perfumes. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract.  In general, signs and symptoms develop rapidly and can include: a strong, persistent urge to urinate; a burning or painful sensation when urinating; passing frequent, small amounts of urine; or blood in the urine or cloudy. A urinalysis and urine culture are  usually done to confirm the diagnosis. Most uncomplicated UTIs can be treated with oral antibiotics It would be best to see your doctor for proper evaluation and management. You can read more about this through this link: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/urinary-tract-infection/DS00286

Take care and keep us posted.
by owenJ, Aug 27, 2008
i also had the same problem as Lukin79 but mine is a bit worst...sometimes after i pee , it still hurts n there is a yellowish discharge too(not during urination) but i alredy had a medical checkup ( urine n blood test) so i doubt its STD since the reports say everything is ok ... any suggestions or help ?
by a439, Mar 10, 2010
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by albertaguy82, May 16, 2010
have ypu found out whats going on? im haveing the same thing, going to a walkin clinic today to get some more answers
by dscholtes53, Jul 24, 2010
drink cranberry juice!! (i did 4 bottles inaround an hour)  it works! mine cleared up within a couple hours and i was experiencing the same thing. i hope it fixes you guys:]
by awesomekid, Jan 04, 2013
Help please, I woke up and went to take a pee yeah and for some reason my penis Hurt :/ but it only hurt for two seconds and then the pain went away and I kept on beeing normally. Why is?
by raji0721, Feb 13, 2013
i have a same problem with you , did you take a medicine ? what kind of medicine . it will lasts a month ?
by bdman, May 03, 2013
grow up child!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Yuupp, Sep 05, 2013
Same problem .... If I drink lots of cranberry juice and water how long will it take to go away??.....also once I start drinking beer it feels a lot better then stinging when peeing