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This really does need an export

Hi There

Just signed up to this very useful site for help on a condition(s)

On New Years Day 2013, I was in the bath (as you do) & just gave the sack a feel over. I didn't feel anything odd, but at the very last moment of me checking, I felt a tiny, pea sized painless lump, which seemed to be in the left testicle.

I was completely traumatised by this. Literally, shockingly. Hyperventilating, muttering some really sad things to myself as my Mum was on holiday.

A doctor in the walk in center (a middle aged bloke) gave them a feel and said I had something called a "varicocele" - a collecting of vains in the scrotum which feel like a 'bag of worms' - Anyway, this 'lump' wasn't physically connected to my testicle, but rather the 'things' that are connected to both testicles.

I went to see a Urologist who scanned me and my kidneys as he said lumps in the scrotum can be caused by stones in the kidneys. I was all clear on everything.

Other than an odd-sudden dull pain in the left side of my scrotum/groin... I've never experienced any issues because of this.

I am a sexually active 21 year old. 2 weeks ago, after sex, I went to the toilet to urinate and experienced a UTI burning/stinging sensation, it was a severe pain. This pain was felt of all but an inch of the bottom of the urethra. After the stream, I squeezed some more urine out but this time it was of an extremely 'mild' pink color. This was at the same time of me experiencing the stinging pain... this very mild pink urine would only show at the end of a stream, sometimes with mild stinging pain, sometimes without, sometimes i'd check my underwear and there would be little pink tinged marks of 'leakages'

I went to see a doctor who done a test on my urine sample and found that I had no infection present. Which was a sigh of relief considering I am a very extreme hypochondriac (oh the beauty of it!) So you can probably imagine my reactions to these conditions!

However, since passing this minimal amount of blood, i've found myself urinating more frequently than previous, and the amount of urine will either be about 100ml to a whole pints worth. The urgency is the same if its a full bladder or not.

I am suffering terribly with health anxiety at the moment. I can't remember the person I used to be before finding that tiny lump at the beginning of this year. Obviously making me constantly think about my frequent visits...

What should I do? What do you guys suggest? I don't smoke. I have drank very little caffeine since the aforementioned issue, and consumed a lot more water so im not dehydrated which haven't really helped? My urine has been clear but 75% of the time it's dark yellow, stinks, or lime green colored.

I get no pain in my abdomen, sides, lower back, flanks, anywhere really now. Just frequent urination with a tiny burning sensation.

My partner had a STD test before having the coil inserted & came back negative.

I am honestly panicking myself into an early grave here. I'm 21 and acting like a little mouse about it all. But that's obviously my HA coming into effect.

I just want to live a health anxiety free life. Not fearing illness, death, probability/possibility of coming down with something.
Thank you in advance, to anyone, with whatever answers

I hope I get this sorted.

P.S would sitting down for prolonged periods cause this?
Sorry, this ***I get no pain in my abdomen, sides, lower back, flanks, anywhere really now. Just frequent urination with a tiny burning sensation.*** sentence should read "I get no pain in my abdomen, sides, lower back, flanks, anywhere. Just frequent urination with a tiny burning sensation."
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