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Tingling sensation at the tip of the penis and inside the end of the sh...
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Tingling sensation at the tip of the penis and inside the end of the shaft and head

I am a 27 year old male with an uncircumcised penis. I started noticing the following symptoms after being treated for UTI (bladder infection) some time around 01/23/2010

1. A slight tingling feeling just at the tip of urethra...it is on the inside and not on the surface.
    The feeling is like there is some urine stuck at the end...so it is a feeling like I have not emptied it completely
2. It's like after I urinate it disappears and then returns after around 15-20 minutes, even though my bladder is empty at this point.
3. I've noticed that tingling sensation is more obvious when I am in seated posture.
4. Not sexually active
5. Sort of comes ON & OFF. Usually is triggered (either ways) by masturbation.
6. Consulted my family doctor. She noticed some irritation at the tip of urethra. She thinks its dermatitis inflammation of urethra. I am applying a cream twice in the affected area since past two days. Doctor also ran a test of my urine and could not find any traces of infection. My prostate was also checked and she said it felt normal.
7. Its usually better in the morning and worsens as the day progress.
8. Sensation is more obvious when I am in seated posture (doesn't mean its completely absent when I am standing)

Right now I am peeing like once in 1.5 hours. My family does not have history of diabetes and I haven't noticed any other symptoms that are usually associated with diabetes (weight loss, extreme thirst and/or hunger). I'll be discussing this with my doctor when I have a follow up but I am feeling if it a nerve issue? Would appreciate a second opinion on this.
Thanks in advance
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Prostatae infections is one of the causes of penile tingling but it has been ruled out in your case. Some other causes which can present with penile tingling esp. at the tip of penis are gonorrhea, Chlamydia( less likely in your case if you are not sexually active), dermatitis, bacterial urethritis and diabetes. Since you have had an attck of UTI, so definitely urtehritis needs to be evaluated by taking a clean catch sample or mid stream sample. Other causes are peripheral neuropathy, peripheral nerve trauma, nerve entrapment or neurological causes.
You need to consult a urologist and get your blood sugar levels done. All these possibilities also need to be ruled out one by one. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and regards.

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Thanks for your response. I really appreciate that. I just found out today that my Urologist is sick and his office is unsure of his date of return. I'll have to visit my Family doctor next week.

Sir, is it possible that there could be Prostatitis? I read that Urine stream could be clear of infection unless Prostatitis spreads to bladder. Is this correct? Will a Digital Rectum Exam reveal presence/absence of Prostatitis? I have no pain during urination or ejaculation. I could see no traces of blood in my urine. This is something which I want to discuss with my doctor. But I'll suggest to get my blood sugar level checked and also discuss possible nerve issues.

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Burner2k, I hope you have recovered from this frustrating problem, please help me, as im suffering a hell because of this in day-to-day life.

Im 23Male.
I have exactly same symptoms for past 1month, except i didnt had UTI anytime.

1) I feel tingling sensation like a drop of urine is slowly coming/flowing out of tip of urethra/penis/foreskin but there is no single drop coming out really.
2) It gets worst after mastrubation.I always feel like i need to urinate beacause of that feeling.
3) It gets worse if i keep thinking about it (It reduces if im ver busy But doesnt go away completely, so im sure its not just a mental thing)
4) I have taken urine analysis,urine culture,semen culture and ultrasound of bladder , all these tests twice and everything is normal.
(2-3 pus cells/ No sugaror blood / no bacteria on culture / ultrasound shows all organs normal)
5) I had slight pain when my doctor did DRE of my prostrate but it was mild,so he said its normal.
6) Urologist put me on 20 days of antibiotics but no improvement.
7) Now i am without antibiotics for past 10 days but no change conditions are same.
8) Ussually i mastrubate once a day, So I have cut down mastrubation for past 15days but there is only slight improvement.
9) there was burning pain at tip of my penis but it lasted only for three days of this whole 1month (13-15th day)
10)Now no pain during/after urination/ejaculation.
11) I can hold upto 550ml or more of urine
12) Even though i have a feel like a drop is coming out/i need to urinate frequently , i can hold urine as long as i desire.
13) there has never been a drop of urine leak.
14) I could sleep comfortably.
15) But when i wake up morning (6-7am) after 7-8 hours of sleep, the first thing i feel is pressure down there and if i urinate its very liittle (is this normal?)
16) It gets worse as the day progresses.
16) Speed and force of urine seems normal.
17) I have never had sex till this day.
18) No irritation/change in head of penis.
19) No abdominal/Backpain.
20) I have removed smoking/alcohol/coffeeoutof my diet for past 27 days.

Please help.
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Spur lives,
Did you figure out what caused it?  Do you still suffer from this?  Same symptoms here for two months.
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@Baseballguy1  I had the same symptoms was prostatitis.  No big deal just swelling of prostate caused by stress.  Prostate squeezes together making the pee harder to come out lol. They'll give you an anti inflamatory you'll be good as new in two weeks.
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