Trace of occult blood in urine analysis
by donald44, May 10, 2008
Saturday and Sunday before the Monday morning test I did intense yoga workout and on Friday and Saturday was drinking heavily (beer and tequila).  Would this possibly cause the trace of occult blood in the urine analysis (the reference range was reported as negative).  

The doctor tested me a few days later and there was no trace of occult blood in the urine.  I had not been working out or drinking.

Should I be concerned?  All my blood workup was normal and I am healthly. I take an aspirin a day, omega and multiple vitiman and 20 MG of Lipitor.  Typically I don't drink and do yoga 4-5x a week.

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by HeinrikMD, May 12, 2008

You are correct. Physical activity may produce a positive result in a routine urinalysis. This is usually clinically unimportant as the kidney generally recovers. One reson this happens is that some elements of muscle accumulate in the blood stream during exercise and these produce stress on the filters of the kidneys.  For as long as there is adequate hydration the kidneys are generally fine.

In the event it happens again, you could consider having a morphology test done - this makes a microscopic description of the blood - this would be helpful to detect which area of the urinary system is producing the blood.
by donald44, May 12, 2008
Even though my second urine analysis came back fine, my doctor wanted me to get a renal ultra sound.  Except for suggessting that it could be caused by the 325 mg of aspirin I have been taking daily for several years, he probed no further or examined me.  I am a 52 year old male and do yoga 4-5x a week.  He has me all worried and concerned - I feel fine - confused whether I should get an renal ultrasound or not or see a ud doctor.