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Uncontrolled Urination During Sleep
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Uncontrolled Urination During Sleep

Hi, I have been noticing each time I am asleep I urinate, but without getting the urge to awake me.  So I find myself in urine mostly on my pants and boxers, it's very soaked most of the time. When I am awake I also noticed I hold it in longer than usual without notice, but only sometimes. The only thing I have yet to rule out is the fact that I am coming off synthetic cannabiniod agonist which has kept my body numb for sometime, However, I never had this problem during that time or anytime in my past while using this substance, I always felt when I had to urinate even in my sleep, but ever since i have quit taking the substance i have had this issue. I know for a fact it's not me being slightly numb still, because I was more numb than this and had no issues before. Is it possible I am beginning to lose my control over my urination? or could this be a cause to something more than likely serious? I cannot get in right now to see any doctors. I have weird feelings in my bladder also from time to time, like a sense of fatique, and weird weakness. My urine has been passing more slowly than usual but it still comes out normal.
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