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Urerthral and bladder discomfort/burning/tingling
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Urerthral and bladder discomfort/burning/tingling

First of all, thanks to anyone who may have some suggestions/answers. My problems began about 2 months ago. I had received brief unprotected oral sex. About 2 weeks later I started experiencing tingling/burning sensation around the tip of my penis, as well as some mild to moderate pain within the urethra. A few days later I got tested for all major STDs (this would be about 16-17 days after the potential initial exposure). The results came back negative. I only tested positive for Herpes Simplex (HSV), Type 1.

I visited an urologist, who at the time thought that it would be unlikely that I had contracted any STDs. The discomfort in my urethra/bladder area would come and go, perhaps last for 4-5 days, then disappear for a few, then reappear again, etc. I had a urine culture test done, which also showed no signs of infection. I was nevertheless prescribed Doxycyline for a week, which I took.

About 3-4 weeks later I had a horrible colic in my kidney area and had to be rushed to an ER - I passed a kidney stone (2 mm.) that evening. A CT scan revealed two other small stones (less than 2 mm.) lodged in my kidneys. My urologist seemed to think that they may have been the cause for my symptoms. A blood test was done at the ER room and also did not show signs of infection.

There was a temporary redress in the symptoms for a while afterwards but about a week ago all were back. They have been bugging me ever since for the past 6 days and I can't seem to find any way to alleviate them.

Thanks for reading patiently thus far. My questions are:

1) Given the low risk of catching STDs based on my experience, I should rather think that the recurrence of my burning/tingling around the meatus and in the bladder/urethra is a urological problem - am I right?

2) My urologist appears somewhat unwilling to suggest a possible cause behind these symptoms and their unwillingness to go away. Can they be related to my kidney stones and be the result either of some irritation of the ureters or the passing of gravel? Is it normal, anyway, for such symptoms to last for a more extended period of time (in my case, 9 weeks)? I have never had any similar symptoms before.

3) Is there anything that I could possibly take to alleviate them?

Thanks in advance for any opinions/suggestions/advice.
Hi there!

1. Yes, this is less likely to be due to an infection and other urological reasons such as inflammation, trauma, ulcers/ erosions, calculi, neuro-muscular causes etc. would need to be considered.
2. It would be difficult to determine a cause without a detailed clinical evaluation, though these are likely possibilities.
3. You could try taking OTC anti-spasmodic medications or Tylenol/ low-dose NSAIDS and see if these seem to help.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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