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Urethral pain/burning and no infection.
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Urethral pain/burning and no infection.

I have been experiencing urethral pain on and off since last November 2007. I have seen two doctors and both diagnosed no infection but my pee is always milky or extremely yellow.

Today I went to a third doctor, he ordered a bladder sample and it was very painful to have it taken, the nurse said it could be part of my problem.
He also ordered a CT scan from my abdomen and pelvis and that will be done in the next week. Until then I'll be on anti biotic.
I've had these symptoms on and off since 7 months ago like I mentioned before and I have had back pain, which seems to be on my kidneys but only a couple of times and both times the pain didn't last for more than 5-10 mins.
I have also noticed blood, but not often and not a lot.

I am really worried of what this could be? does it sound like cancer symptoms (wouldn't there be more blood and pain?) or could it be Kidney Stones (again... wouldn't there be more blood and pain?) ...infection is completely ruled out since I have had 3+ exams.

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Avatar dr f tn

Have you had any liver function tests done?
Any nausea, fatigue, or loss of appetite?

Milky urine could be sign of protein being passed in the urine or could be due to kidney sediments or an excessive shedding of the epithelial cells.
Is the yellow urine transparent or cloudy?
It is safer to be on antibiotics even though an infection has not yet been detected until the cause of the pain and cloudy urine have been identified.
"White or cloudy urine is most commonly due to phosphaturia (phosphate in urine), which is a benign condition in which excess amorphous phosphate crystals form in urine. Phosphaturia is usually intermittent, occurring following a meal or after ingesting a large quantity of milk. White urine is sometimes due to pyuria (white blood cells) in association with an infection of the urinary tract or rarely due to chyluria (lymph fluid), resulting from a communication between the lymphatic system and the urinary tract. High urinary phosphorus occurs in primary hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, renal tubular acidosis, diuretic use and Fanconi’s syndrome."


The yellow urine could also be an indication that you have not been drinking enough water.

Try to keep your water intake in excess of 2000 ml per day.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
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Yes I had been extremely nauseated, but now it is all gone even the cloudy urine.
They did find an UTI infection right after I posted this question... and I got my CT with and without the IV done.
I had no kidney stones but a 13mm calcified non-adherent cyst and that's getting me sad and very nervous. My doctor said it is absolutely no reason for alarm - but just the word "Cyst" gives me the willies... and I'll go back in 6 mos for a follow-up CT scan.
I just can't understand and hate the fact that I am not a doctor to understand better what's going on with myself. I always feel like doctors almost kind of lie to you just to not get you alarmed and THAT gets me alarmed.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration to reply to my post.

Best wishes to everyone!
Avatar m tn
i have pretty close to the same thing but with a few minor differences

I have a shooting pain and pain at the beginging of urination in my urethra and a sevre pain in my bladder area when peeing
i have been to two doctors and the both have said no infection
when i squeeze the tip of my penis there is a sevre shooting pain
my pee looks normal and i go regulary so im just wondering what this could be it's very strange
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As a patient with many calcifications in both kidney,a cyst in the left kidney, chronic infection and urethral pain, I just want to reassure you that though right now this is very scary that your doctors sounds like he is being very honest with you.  Cysts in the kidney are very common, honestly so are calcifications.  It is very likely that the calcification in your kidney is causing the pain, periods of blood and the infection as well.
More then likely he wants to get the infection under control before doing anything about the calcification.

I would discuss with him the possibilities of removing the calcified cyst.  If he does not
seem to see this as the cause for your pain etc. let me know, I have done a lot of research on calcifications in the kidneys and chronic pain.  I would be glad to direct you to some resources.  I also know a urologist/researcher the specializes in difficult
kidney calcifications etc.  My own uro did not know what to do to relieve the pressure
of my many calcifications deep in the kidney.  He is a great guy but as he says not trained on the new lasers etc.  He uses them on stones now but refers for more difficult surgeries.

MY point in all of this is to reassure you.  The word cyst here is not the same a tumor,
there is no fear of cancer from the sounds of what they saw etc.  I know this is all very scary, however I truly believe they have found the cause of your problems and they really can be corrected.

Again, I am not a doctor only a patient but like I said I spend a lot of time with patients and myself dealing with calcifications in the kidneys etc.!

Hang in there and hope it all turns out to resolve all your pain issues etc.

Avatar n tn
I passed a kidney stone a few months ago now, and since then have had pain in my left kidney every so often. Recently I had severe pain when i urinated, and especially in the urethra part it felt like i was peeing tiny pieces of glass. Since then I have had antibiotics for an infection, and a scan on left kidney which I was told showed up another kidney. Upon referrel to urology consultant said that what the scan showed may not be a stone it may be scarring from stone passed or calcium granules forming. Which has now confused me. I am nearly always in pain with my kidney getting stabbing pains in the back. Constant back ache, and joint pain. I am waiting for a ct scan appointment. I have had an op on left kidney 10 years ago called a pyelectomy.Which has made my kidney in to a different shape to the right. I dont know what to do, as I am in pain and sum times have chills but each time I go to doctor the urine is clear.So do I suffer? or just go back to the doctor? It is worrying me.
Avatar f tn
I am a 24 year old, perfectly healthy, eat right and excersize, no prescription medications and take vitamins daily.

Just recently I had to hold in my urine for a long time, it got very very painful and felt like I was going to go on myself. I was finally able to void and then everything was okay. Well, two days later my urethra started feeling pain and hasn't stopped since. I went to the doctor to get tested to STD's and UTI and both came back negative. I was put on a generic brand of (Bactrim?) I think thats what its called. I am still in a lot of pain as nothing is helping, its actually getting worse and worse to where I cant sleep. I have no discoloration in my urine, and it actually feels really really good to urinate, there is NO pain. What do I have?? What can I do to relieve the pain??
Avatar m tn
I have a similar situation to camiliaq.  I am 26, male and I recently had to hold in urine for an extended period of time.  Now about a month later, I'm still having aching pains not in my back but what feels like my urethra and the dull pain shoots down to my upper thigh a little bit.  It's very disturbing.  I've had a kidney stone in the past but that felt different.  This is extended dull pain in my groin that feels like it shoots up and down my urethra.  What could this be?  Thanks.
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