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Urethritis Issue, Help

Any help/ information is welcome. For the past 2 months I've been having a mild irritation mostly around
head of penis. here is my story.

Sat, Feb 4
Had unprotected sex with female. I didn't engaged in full sexual intercourse but our genitals did come in contact with each other.
I performed oral sex on her and she performed oral sex on me. Upon ejaculation, I did hold my ejaculation/ Edging (the moment before you ejaculate you hold as if you're stopping your stream while urinating). Felt weird feeling but have been holding my ejaculation for months so I been use to feeling.

Sat, Feb 11
Masturbated and again held my ejaculation. Couldn't hold all the way and small amount of semen came out as well as blood mixed in.

Sun, Feb 12/ Feb 13
Mild UTI like irritation on tip of penis after I urinate, not during. contacted Doctor (Planned Parenthood)
Although partner says she's been fully tested with all negative results I wanted to proactive with my health.

Thurs, Feb 16
Planned Parenthood visit. Still mild irritation after urinating, no sores, bumps, lesion, or discharge of any sort.
tested for HIV (Neg). Urine test for STI Gonorrhea (Neg) and Chlamydia (Neg). Urine test came back with colony count of 80,000 CFU/ml. Which suggested that there was some type of bacterial infection of sort. Was giving Sulfa (800mg)/ Trimethoprim (160mg). One tablet daily for 6 days.

Fri, Feb 17 - Sat, Feb 25
Mild irritation still exist.  

Sun, Feb 26 - Sat, Mar 3
At night the urethra pain would increase. felt like muscle soreness in urethra. The feeling is also in the shaft of my penis. difficult to sleep. Not excruciating put definitely strong. Again no pain when urinating only after. for three days during this time had diarrhea. A fair amount of blood was in stool on the first day. I have history of hemorrhoids but felt the blood was related to this incident. Schedule another appointment with Planned Parenthood

Wed, Mar 7
Planned Parenthood visit. The strong irritation has went down but still have mild irritation after urinating. My concern that it's HSV or some other untested STI. Upon visit, they suggest that I see an urologist and believe that's it's not linked sexually but
give me Suprax (400mg - 1 tablet) and Metronidazole (500mg - 4 tablets) in the meantime. I make appointment for Urologist.

Mon, Mar 12
I see Urologist (Dr H). Have prostate exam as well as urine test. Urine test comes back with 0 colony count. Suggesting the antibiotics from Planned Parenthood help but didn't fully resolve issue. Still mild irritation. After telling him history he doesn't think that it's sexually related and puts me on Sulfa (800mg)/ Trimethoprim (160mg). 2 tablets daily for 14 days along with
sitz baths and ibuprofen. I suggest taking a HSV and Hepatitis test. he agrees.

Thur, Mar 15
Urologist gives me results for HSV and Hepatitis. All negative.

Fri, Mar 16 - Mon, Mar 19
Mild irritation still present. So I schedule appointment with general practitioner for second opinion.

Weds, Mar 21
See General physical (Dr. A) and I tell her my concerns. She (Dr. A) suggest that I continue with current urologist and that
it doesn't sound like a sexually related irritation.

Thurs, Mar 22 - Sun, April 1
At this point, I'm also starting to find myself going to the bathroom more frequent and constantly waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. One night I got up in the middle of the night from my sleep to go about 6 times. very small amounts. still mild irritation after. I've been drinking about a gallon of water daily but it's nothing out of my norm as far as water intake. Even before this incident I've always consumed a vast amount of water daily.

Mon, April 2
Urologist (Dr H) visit after two weeks of Sulfa/ Trime/ Ibu. still mild irritation exist. Again prostate exam and urine test.
Dr H states that my prostate seems less inflamed as last visit (Mar 12). He makes notes and puts me on Avodart (Dutasteride 0.5mg) for 2 weeks, 1 tablet daily. I also tell him about my frequent bathroom visits. Upon entering his office I express to him how bad I have to go to the bathroom so he ask me to pee in the cup for urine sample. when I go I barely fill half of the cup. Afterward I did feel relieve but the feeling definitely suggested that I had alot more liquid. He takes note of this and even comment on the whole incident.  

Dr H and I sit down and talk and I tell him my theory, which of course I'm sharing with you all for your opinion. From my perspective, my urethritis is the result of two things.
1) Something sexually transmitted. Having unprotected sex on FEB 4 and my condition arising the following week would definitely lead one to believe that being the cause. Although there never was any discharge, physical sores, bumps, or lesions and I tested negative for all diseases there's still a chance that there could be sores inside my urethra and even more so the test could be false negatives.
2) Urethritis cause from trauma of holding my ejaculation. When masturbating on FEB 11, I did feel a slight pain/funny feeling and blood did come out which would suggest that I did some physical harm. Also from the fact that I've been holding my ejaculation/ edging alot the past month could have placed some stress on my urinary/reproductive tract. This would suggest a slightly inflamed prostate, blood in stool, as well as the topic at hand.

At this point, I'm just trying to understand it all. I guess what's mind blowing to me is that it's lasting for over 2 months.
First, doctor suggest that it's not sexually because even giving the case of HSV suggested that the symptoms would of subsided by now, which I feel is not 100% true reading particular cases. I want to get retested for everything again to of course keep solidify that there's no false negative.
Second, I feel that if it was due to traumatic urethritis my body would have healed itself by now. So I'm stuck in the middle right now. I do know some bacteria was present giving my urine colony count was at 80,000 CFU/ml in FEB 16, which from the knowledge giving to me is really high for a male.

What are your opinions? Is there anything that I should suggest getting tested for ? Something I should ask the doctor?
I have no insurance and these bills are burning a hole in my pocket fast so guidance will help.
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Hey mate...

Has the Urologist mentioned anything about a possible stricture or prostatitis?


I've a Urology appointment in a few weeks and my situation is very similar to yours...my symptoms seem to fit those mentioned in that link for prostatitis - maybe yours are similar?

A stricture from an infection might explain your problems. I feel your pain buddy - I've been having the penile pain and urinary problems for about 3 months now - and antibiotics only work for a short time.
Wrong link sorry!

Thanks Lehmann for the reply as well as the link. It really help discuss some things with my doctor.

Tues, Feb 10
Went to see new Urologist (Dr. S) who took urine sample (no colony) and did a prostate exam/ message. As of now he believes that it could be prostate related (prostatitis). He explained how irritation at the tip of the penis with no sores or redness is one sign that there's something going on in my prostate. He broke down the inner working of the prostate to the relation of the penis which really help me understand everything. He also suggest that it's a strong chance that it was sexually related. That I was giving a bacterial infection by the girl I was in contact with on Feb 4. It could have cleared up but it could have affect my prostate during the process. The next step is I'm scheduling an appointment to have a semen culture. This will examine the bacteria in my prostate.

I'll keep you posted Lehmann as well as anyone else reading this. As always I'm open for any opinion anyone has.

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