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Urine test

Dear counselor,
I am 27 years old male. Straight to my questions:

1) Could you tell me by chronological how is the typical way to collect a clean urine sample and then to get an accurate results from . please if you could clearly from A to Z because of a conflict information?

2) When they say clean the head of peins then How should we clean by soap, Ditol, or just water ?

3) When is the best time to collect that sample?

4) Is true which the following facts effect on the results if we do and then get a wrong result :

Don't clean the head of the penis.
Urine sample is taken just from the first portion of urination, (not mid-stream).
If we took the sample during Fasting period such as (fasting of Ramadan month).
Don't drinking so much water.
Sport (Jogging and build-body) before testing.
Taking Vitamin C.

Thanks a lot.
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       Hi, how are you? Urine collection or clean catch or clean catch urine specimen is the optimum method of collecting urine for examination.
Men should wipe the head of the penis with soap water and rinse well. First urinate a small amount into the toilet bowl to clean the urethra of any contaminants, then collect the sample in a clean and sterile container and take it to the lab.
Do not use antiseptics as they may prevent bacteria from growing in the culture. The best time to collect the urine is in the mornings.

There could be changes in the results, if sample not collected properly, in fasting and due to use of some medications.
All the best.
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Dear friends,
I need a professional answer.

Everything was going ok with me from that exposure once I read that. That said, to get the most an accurate results regarding gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU, then I should test by urine.

I tested for each of gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU by urine test.

And as we know, the urine test contains three parts:
Physical, chemical, and Microscopic examination.

Now I am going to talk about WBC, because some people "not experts" diagnose appearing of WBC and in particular more than 5/field as NGU.

But STD's Experts from Medhelp.org said urine test is not a significant indicator to diagnose NGU correctly through account of WBC. Also I read from Urology experts' forum from Medhelp.org that they said to get an accurate results, so you should do a mid-stream clean catch urine.

However let us take the worst say, that appearing of WBC and in particular more than 5, then NGU is or at least UTI is.

But if someone has WBC more than 5/field, and during the microscopic examination was found no sing and no link to NGU "Dr knows that according to its specifications such as color, size, shape, gleety or not, and etc…however", then it probably would be UTI or even nothing at all "because of a wrong way of collecting urine sample such as urine sample wasn't taken as mid-stream clean catch urine", so the culture and sensitivity test should be done in all cases to diagnose what the main cause of that, and then to assure what the main cause was? And also the culture and sensitivity test should be done to check up of both of gonorrhea, Chlamydia accurately.

My urine sample wasn't taken as mid-stream clean catch urine. "Lab asked me to take the fist portion of urination to diagnose NGU correctly", but what is more that I didn't clean the tip of penis, because I didn't know that.
However my question is:
If we considering which the urine sample was taken in a wrong way, then should that effect on negative results for both of (gonorrhea and Chlamydia)? I meant can I rely on negative results regarding gonorrhea and Chlamydia conclusively and definitively regardless of the urine sample was taken in a wrong way or not and then regardless of the initial urine test "Urine and Microscopic examination" was wrong because of that or right?
Thanks a lot.

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Add to the previouse question, could you asnwer on this question also, please?

That said, to get an accurate results "JUST" for each gonorrhea, and chlamdia, and to diagnose NGU or NSU correctly by urine test, then we should take first-stream clean catch urine NOT A Mid-stream clean catch urine.

However,We know if we wanted to test for UTI or anything else regarding urine diagnosing, then we should take a Mid-stream clean catch urine, but is this applied for all urine tests and in particular for testing each of gonorrhea, chlamdia and to diagnose of NGU or as it were NSU also and then to diagnose them correctly, or should we take the urine sample from the first portion of urination "just" to diagnose "them" correctly?

PS:"Of course and in all cases and before doing anything we should clean our hands and then the tip of penis with soap water and rinse them well".
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