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I am a female have been dating my boyfriend for a year. I have been sexually active with only him for about 8 months. I am 20 and I have a history of IBS and possible Crohn's Disease. Last month half way through my period my boyfriend and I had sex and immediately after I needed to pee. After I was finished I had a strange tingling sensation and felt like I still needed to pee more. It was extremely uncomfortable, but not painful. After that every second of the day for a week I felt like a needed to urinate constantly and I just felt uncomfortable. I went to the doctors and they found no UTI. I then went to a gynecologist and they found absolutely nothing and she said that it could be Interstitial Cystisis. After that appointment it went away the next day and it was about a week after it started and it was as if I had never had an urinary issues.

This month it started midway through my period again after my boyfriend made me orgasm with a tampon in. The exact same symptoms happened as before. I went to the doctors again (different doctor) and they didn't find anything in the urine again. This included no UTI and no sign of Diabetes. She thinks it could possibly be my period irritating my urethra, causing the uncomfortable feelings. She only prescribed stuff to help the symptoms with no help as to fixing anything. About a week later it went away again and stayed away for two days until tonight. I masturbated earlier and right after it felt off and tonight it began having the same urges to urinate as before. I have absolutely no idea what to do.

- No Pain
- No UTI
- No Diabetes
- No STDs
- Heavy periods that last 7 days
- Appears about 4th day into period, lasts about 3 to 4 days after
- Urge to urinate with not much coming out
- The only thing I drink is water and a lot of it
- It seems to be worse when I lay down

Could it possibly be bruising to my urethra? I literally have no clue and it's driving me absolutely insane. Sorry this was long, but thank you for reading.
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? It is good that initial evaluation and diagnostic tests were normal. Aside from UTI, urinary urgency may be attributed to anxiety, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder syndrome, Vaginitis and even neurological issues. If it persists, further evaluation may need to be done and additional diagnostic tests such as cystometry, cystoscopy, ultrasound and neurological tests may be indicated to determine the underlying cause.  Take care and do keep us posted.
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