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Went in for Hernia repair ? Came home CASTRATED!!!
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Went in for Hernia repair ? Came home CASTRATED!!!

On September 21st I went in for day surgery the first of three separate surgeries, the surgery for the 21st of September was a hernia repair a simple straight forward procedure.

I have had a hernia repair before it was quick an easy and for me there was no pain I healed fast and that was that.  That this operation is totally different I was wracked with pain. My 70 year old father had to come and help me just to get me out of bed I couldn’t understand what was going on.

I thought maybe it was because I used a different surgeon who performed this and had there own way of doing things maybe not putting in pain blockers.

The 21st was a Monday; I was to return to the surgeon's office on Friday the 25th.

On Friday the surgeon had wanted to remove my stitches, but the swelling was out of control my whole left lower side and testicle was inflamed so the Dr. told me to continue to ice that area and to return to her office Tuesday the 29th.

So on Tuesday I returned there seemed not to be that much change since Friday, I was sent over to a local hospital for an emergency ultrasound of the incision and surrounding areas and left testicle.

Well I had my ultrasound, and during the procedure the ultrasound tech went from being very talkative to being evasive if I asked a question.

The radiologist had examined my ultrasound and along with my Dr. then this really big burly hospital employees came over to where I was sitting told me that my Dr. Was in the hospital and had to speak to me and was on their way down and that I was not allowed to leave the hospital.

The surgeon came down to the waiting area at the ultrasound unit and you know it's not good when they say how are you feeling?

This was a very strong woman that's what I liked about her. She knew what she was doing! Six years earlier she had saved my life from a burst appendix.

Her voice, was broken you could see and feel her anxiety, and you could hear the fear in her voice.

She sat me down and tells me Dan I'm worried about you!

Well to make a long story short, what had happened when she did a hernia repair somehow she castrated my left testicle!

There's really nothing more to say on her part she handed it over to a urologist, who seems to think that the dead testicle will shrink down to nothing that way we avoid surgery.

But judging by the size of the testicle I don't think it will shrink anymore than it has, the urologist is worried about going through the reinforcement mesh that was placed in me, for the hernia repair,
He said that's very hard to operate with and you have to remove all the mesh.

Now up until a few days ago my OCD anxiety and other mental handicaps have been very good to me.  Unfortunately now they're seeping in, I'm supposed to take antibiotics Tylenol and check my temperature, just a little something to at home to make sure no infections starts.

Tomorrow I will be out of my antibiotics, yesterday I called the urologists office to let them know that I will be running out, and I didn't want to go the weekend without any antibiotics.

I get a message back from the doctor's office telling me that after this course of antibiotics I will not need any more.  So he did not refill the prescription it scares me.

I have this dead body part in me, and I feel that every precaution should be taken of course I do feel that to the 10th power due to my OCD anxiety.  But nevertheless.

I just feel very discouraged; I'm trying to live my normal life before this took place I find that I'm losing energy.  With God's help I know things will be fine, but for now I can only feel fear!    

Should this testicle still be in me! or should it have been removed?
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I had a hernia repair with mesh in 2006 and prior to the procedure I was warned that I might loose my right testicle. I was realy worried about this since I had lost my left due to complications after a vasectomy.

I'm surprised that you were not warned about this possible complication.
I had told the surgeon to leave things as they were if the right testicle might be involved. I was told that he could not do that since I had an incarcerated hernia and that there was the possibility of death if things were left as is. One thing that he did do was to make sure that a urologist was present in case there was involvement of the testicle.

When I previously lost my left, I ended up in hospital with a staph infection requiring emergency surgery. I was in isolation for about a week. the testicle had become necrotic.

I hope that you will heal up fast.

All the best.

Gentlemen, there is not a lot to worry about when you are told you need one or both testicles removed. With HRT you can still be a man, albeit sterile, after having both of them removed.

I speak from my own personal experience. Due to injuries in my teens that caused severely painful varicoceles and a lot of pain I asked my urologist to remove my testicles in 1985. He reluctantly complied, and the surgery made me comfortable and a productive member of society. Had I not elected for the surgery I would have been classified as  'a cripple'. They became so painful as to prevent me from doing a full day's work.

After surgery I went through the classic hot flashes, but once I got stabilized on HRT I established a good sex life with my wife. She supported my decision to have my testicles removed and thought I was a better sex partner after surgery.

I was castrated in 1985, and thanks to HRT I still have the urges and need for sex.

Trust me when I say that losing them is not the greatest disaster in the world and there are many men in the same boat.
Hi Norm, I'm glad that things worked out for you. The thing is I never should have lost my left testicle. I had a locum doctor who screwed up. Had she sent me through at the first sign of a hematoma, I most likely still would have my left testicle.

I do take monthly hormone shots to keep up muscle tone and bone desity. I suffer from ED due to other urological and neurological issues.

As a young boy I was born with undescended testicles. My right did not go down untill I was bout 12 years old.

When I had my vasectomy, I was never told about the possibility of loosing a testicle or perhaps both. I had the vasectomy because I used to get constant cases of kidney infections orchitis or epdidimitis about ever 3 to 4 months. On the remaining testicle I have not had any infection since the vasectomy. Currently I still have discomfort in the site where the testicle has been removed. In my case the testicle was so bad that they removed it with part of the scrotum. It is quite effident. The surgeons also never let me have the option of having a prostesis put in.

So far in my life, I have had over 11 surgeries. I was born with these body parts and I hope to live the rest of my life with most of my original equipment. The main complaint is that the doctors screwed up and they are not willing to admit it.

I'm lucky that I have 3 children prior to this taking place.

You state that you had injuries in your teens and that this is the reason for getting neutered. This is not a normal desire for a male. Good for you that you are willing to live like that. It was your choice after the injuries due to pain.

I have neurological problems with my bladder and due to that I have been getting these infections. As I have mentioned I chose to have a vasectomy after my wife and I had 3 children. I did this to prevent furter infections of the testicles. I currently use intermittant catherization to prefent kidney infections. Yet I know better than requesting to have my bladder removed.

I respect your choice to become a eunuch, but it is one that I cannot share, neither did I need to hear about your experience or desires.

I'm glad that I still have one testicle and I hope to keep it till the day I die. My next major surgery is to have a fistula between my bladder and prostate repaired. I hope that this will turn out OK as every surgery poses it's risks. Eventhough the problem is in the prostate I will have the repair. The prostate can be removed but I'll follow the urologists adivice.

Glad that I'm not a complete eunuch.

I apologize for being so slow to respond. Somehow I lost track of this thread.

I do understand your desire to keep at least one testicle. Having both removed is somewhat of a life changing experience but not a sentence worse than death. The latter is how most men think of it, but I refute that. Without testicles I have still been a viable bt guaranteed sterile sexual partner to my wife. As I once told my family physician, "I am a eunuch, but I'm not impotent"
My wife accepted the fact I no longer had my testicles and we proceeded with life. I do hope you get to keep one, but if you don't please son't think you are less of a man because of that.

I just wanted to say I think you gave a really helpful and clear headed response.  My boyfriend lost a testicle from testicular cancer and if the day comes when he needs to have the other one removed then that's what he'll do.   He's here today because of the surgery and nothing else matters.  Personally I think my boyfriends more of a man than most guys with two....just my opinion.  Take care.
The posting is old, but thought I would add something anyway.  IF one is interested in having kids think about Plan B, which is storing your sperm in a sperm bank.  That way should anything happen that makes you sterile (with or without castration) you have Plan B, no matter what your age.  When you store young sperm that is even better than using natural sperm from an aged body.  This from someone who is infertile and without natural testosterone.  HRT helps prevent some of the negative effects of low or no testosterone, but it has not been a fountain of youth. You would think loosing your sex drive would be catastrophic. Ironically when it is gone you really don't miss it.  Seems odd, but I found this to be true.  Life without a sex drive really enables you to focus on more important things.  

I realize that there are worse things in a person's life than loosing a testicle or both. Having lost one, I do however favor the one that I have left.

Just recently I have come to the point where I might have to live the rest of my life with a suprapubic catheter in. Surgeries to repair the fistula, all have the protential for things going wrong. I very much would like to have things repaired and getting rid of the suprapubic catheter however having had a hernia prepair, further surgery might also result in other problems.

Currently, I have not been able to engage into any sexual activity since I was diagnosed with the fistula in 2008. The catheter will be in the way during sexual intercourse even given the fact that the catheter is not in the penis but in between the penis and navel. Still the movement of the catheter does cause pain. Given this fact it would most likely make no difference if I was able to remain with the one testicle or not. Still I would like to keep the testicle for the rest of my life. I also had a situation with paraphimosis while I had a catheter in the penis. One of the first things suggested to me was circumcision. I told the doctor that I would not even entertain that matter. Circumcision was not an option, in that case loosing the other testicle would be a lesser evil.

It is my goal to live the rest of my life with all my body parts that I still have in place.
We are all different in what we consider extreme or what all we are willing to let happen. For me my genitals are of great importance for me, as are my four limbs. One can live a good life missing a limb or even two, however I don't think that I would respond to it very well.

Norm 9, I'm sorry if I came over as being rude to you. Having lost my left testicle due to a Strep infection as my wife had corrected me in listing it as a Staph infection, I still end up with pain as if the testicle is still there. I'm pleased to know that it worked out for you. I have also spoken with other men who have had a testicle removed due to pain, and still having the pain after the testicle has been removed.

Now on my right side where the hernia (was) is, I experience discomfort if I try to sleep on my right side. It feels that every time I breath, I can feel discomfort pain in the inguinal region or even testicle. I'm afraid to disclose this to my doctor out of fear of it involving my remaining testicle. So far the pain is minor and I will deal with it as it occurs. I do not know if this is the result of the hernia repair, however I donot recall it right after the surgery. This causes fear that the hernia repair is not holding up. Also after the repair the remaing testicle seems to be high up in the scrotum and no longer seems to have the same mobility that it did have. At times it does cause pain, I don't know what I should do about it.

All the best,

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